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Lucky Punx : A collection of unique NFTs aiming to bring luck and prosperity to each holder.

Lucky Punx is excited to introduce a collection of 7,777 unique and expertly produced NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Aiming to bring luck and prosperity to each holder, these Lucky Punx are an original collection of captivating NFTs.

The Origins of Lucky Punx

The origins of Maneki Neko (the first of the Lucky Punx to bring luck and fortune to their owners), goes back to a humble 17th century Japanese temple. Known as Gotokuji, this temple is located in the village of Setagaya near Tokyo. The temple priest of the time barely had enough resources to feed himself. Nevertheless, he took in a stray white cat, and gave him the name Tama. Circumstances for the temple and its priest worsened, and eventually he told Tama that he might have a better chance of survival if he left the temple and fended for himself. Tama left, but with tail held aloft he didn’t travel far. Instead, he settled at the end of the road leading to the temple, and began preening himself as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

When a powerful typhoon began to brew form the North Pacific, a Samurai known as Lord Ii Naotaka of Hikone stopped to shelter under a nearby tree. When he saw Tama’s paw raised as if beckoning to him, he approached the cat, and began to stroke his head as Tama continued to lick an outstretched paw. Suddenly Ii Naotaka felt a sudden urgency to move away from the tree. As he did so, it suddenly was struck by lightning. The tree was badly damaged, but the cat didn’t flinch and was completely unharmed, having saved the Samurai’s life. Ii Naotaka gratefully followed Tama to the temple, where they were both welcomed by the priest. Thanks to Tama, and now also the priest, Lord Ii become patron of the temple and the temple prospered. Later, when Tama died, he was given a place of honour in the temple cemetery, and the first beckoning cat statue was created in his memory. Word spread first around Japan, and gradually around the world.

Followers of the original Lucky Punk become known as the Lucky Punx, carrying the luck, fortune, and prosperity of their forebear. Traversing fashion and folklore, they’re forever guaranteed to rouse fervour and fortune in all who choose their path.

Lucky Punx Aesthetic Vision

The Lucky Punx brand was conceived by founder and co-owner graphic artist Andy. His passion for Asian sub-culture aesthetic, and Japanese design sensibilities- Manga, Anime, music and fashion- all play a part in helping to shape the brand’s vision.

Through Andy’s creative commitment to design for both print and screen, Lucky Punx specifically draws inspiration from contemporary creative visionaries such as Ron English, KAWS, Hayao Miyazaki, Futura 2000 and Jung Gi Kim – to name a few.

Blending traditional graphic design practices with playfully whimsical vector-based minimalist 2D character design, Lucky Punx incorporates character iconography derived from 80’s nostalgia, art history, music, current affairs and politics. The results are playful reflections on high and low culture across the centuries.

The fundamental backstory, and the foundations of Lucky Punx narrative which has helped shape the brand’s visual styling, is the talisman Maneki Neko, a Japanese symbol for good luck and fortune. The Maneki Neko (also known as the Waving Cat) is believed the bring good luck and fortune to its owners; a highly appealing gift that keeps giving, which the brand aims to share with the Lucky Punx NFT holders.

Social Access

Through holding Lucky Punx NFTs, users will have access to the exclusive Lucky Punx Discord. In the Discord, users will have the ability to connect with other Punx, offering networking opportunities in the cryptocurrency/NFT space. Additionally, users will be able to chat to the team and get regular updates on additional Lucky Punx features. Finally, those in the Discord will be able to participate in regular Lucky Punx game events such as movie nights and poker nights.