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Top Companies offering Commercial Mortgage Lending in Jacksonville

People who have been in business for some time and are interested in buying or renovating a piece of commercial real estate may be looking for commercial mortgage funding.

Similar to regular mortgage loans, commercial mortgage loans help finance any land or property for commercial use as opposed to residential property purchases.

Office buildings, industrial warehouses, housing complexes, shopping malls, commercial structures, and land zones for commercial use are a few examples of commercial property.

Additionally, people can use commercial mortgage loans to develop both new and existing commercial real estate. They may also use the loan money to expand their current space if they already own business property.

Lenders of commercial mortgages support the funding of commercial loans and give you the initial funds you need to expand your firm. Asset-backed trusts, credit unions, banks, government-sponsored enterprises, and private financial organizations are some examples of commercial mortgage lenders in Jacksonville.

List of companies offering Commercial Mortgage Lending

Capital Funding Services:

Hard money real estate funding is the area of expertise for Capital Funding Services. Additionally, it provides business funding, private money, bridge loans, equipment financing, lines of credit, SBA loans, fixed-term loans, and more.

In some situations, they offer terms much better than those offered by international banks, lenders who are covered by the FDIC, or private funds, providing up to 90% of the borrower’s advance capital.

Anchor Loans

Georgia Hard Money Lenders are only the 46 states where Anchor Loans offer lending. In addition, they provide loans for bridges, commercial buildings, refinancing, and new construction loans.

For fix and flip loans, they provide rates between 8% and 13%, loan amounts between US$ 50,000 and US$ 20,000,000, a maximum LTV of 75%, and durations between six months and one year.

For borrowers with varying degrees of experience and credit history, it offers flexible criteria and tailored lending programs to finance a wide variety of non-owner-occupied residential and commercial properties.


Based in Beverly Hills, California, HardMoneyLoans.com is a large nationwide lender. Additionally, they can have a loan funded for any form of real estate project from US$ 250k to US$ 75M.

They specialize in hard money loans, including bridge loans, fix and flip loans, value-added loans, loans for new construction, and loans for all forms of commercial and residential property.

ACC Mortgage

ACC Mortgage offers lending in 16 different states across the US. They offer buy-and-hold loans, buy-and-flip loans, commercial loans, and private refinancing.

Their liberal loan requirements include loans with a maximum LTV of 80% and interest rates as low as 5.5%. To be eligible for a loan, you must have a credit score of at least 500.

Capital Funding Financial:

Capital Funding Financial is a family-run regulated private lender with a focus on asset-based investment properties around the country.

Due to their lack of requirements for credit or income verification or appraisals, they close loans in 3–7 days (BPO Instead). Additionally, they self-fund their loans as a DIRECT LENDER with internal legal advice and underwriting.

Carbon Capital:

Private lender Carbon Capital has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. They provide lending options, such as commercial loans and fix-and-flip hard money loans, to meet a range of demands and circumstances.

Their liberal lending requirements include loans with a maximum LTV of 75%, durations of 3–8 years, and interest rates of 7%–12%.

They offer loans for a wide range of properties, including mixed-use sites, industrial buildings, retail stores, and offices.

Global Integrity Finance:

Global Integrity Finance specializes in construction loans, bridge loans, fix-and-flip loans, and hard money loans for commercial real estate in some situations. They use their own funds to fund all loans.

Nationwide Mortgage:

Nationwide Mortgage offers services in obtaining hard money loans for commercial properties, loans for fixing and flipping properties, hard money refinancing, loans for rental properties, and short-term bridging loans.

 Rates range from 8% to 11%, and loan amounts range from US$ 100,000 to US$ 75,000,000 with a maximum LTV of 90%.