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Latest iOS update fixes multiple issues with iPhone 14

Apple has released a new software update aimed at fixing the few bugs that the iPhone 14 smartphone running iOS 16 has been facing. That includes an issue where voice calls made with iPhone 14 via CarPlay weren’t clearly audible by the receiver. Another bug that caused notifications to be delayed has also been remedied with the latest update.

Apart from these, Apple is also claiming the latest iOS 16.0.3 update also rectifies an issue with the Mail where it has been found to crash after it receives what Apple described as a malformed e-mail. Further, the latest update also deals with an issue with the Camera app that often took several seconds to launch or caused such delays when users switched modes after the app has been launched. The errors have been particularly found in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

Apple said the latest iOS 16.0.3 update does not include any new features and is solely dedicated to dealing with the multiple bugs that iPhone 14 users said they faced with iOS 16. The company though said they are in the process of releasing the iOS 16.1 update which is going to include several new features. Apple however didn’t confirm exactly when the upcoming iOS version is going to be launched though that is expected to happen in the coming weeks itself. That is also when the company is expected to release a new version of iPadOS along with maybe a new iPad model as well.

Meanwhile, the iPhone maker also introduced a new software version for the Apple Watch as well. The watchOS 9.0.3 version too is focussed on dealing with the bugs that the previous iteration came with. Those include audio interruptions caused by Spotify or the issue that caused the snooze alarm notifications to behave erratically. Further, the update also fixes the bug with the microphone, errors faced while syncing with the Wallet, as well as with Fitness that is faced while setting up a new Watch.

Both updates are currently available to download and install on compatible devices.

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