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Pixel 7 Pro display found to cause excessive battery drain

The new Google Pixel 7 Pro has gone for some rave reviews so far. Anyone who has spent time with the Google flagship phone has come back impressed with all that it has to offer. That might point to a story with a happy ending though unfortunately, herein lies a twist, and one that can mar all the feel-good factor that the smartphone has managed to generate so far. Some have reported unusually high battery drain with the smartphone, with the display proving to be the prime culprit. This also isn’t an isolated incident either as many have reported having experienced a similar scenario with their Pixel 7 Pro units. Read on to find out more about it.

As it is, a smartphone display happens to be one of the biggest drains on the battery, if not the single biggest. However, advancements over the years have managed to bring that down to acceptable limits so that we get to see flagship smartphones with batteries lasting well over a day. However, that does not seem to be the case with the Pixel 7 Pro with the display ending up draining the battery faster than ever when the brightness is kept at a higher setting.

For instance, it has been found to consume 3.5-4W of power at 600 nits of brightness, something that shoots up to 6W when the brightness is pushed to 1000 nits. The Pixel 6 did better in that it consumed 2.9W at 600 nits and 4W at 800 nits. For comparison’s sake, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus drains 2W at 600 nits and 4W at 1000 nits.

The folks at XDA have pointed out that the villain could be the Tensor G2 chip that the Pixel 7 Pro comes equipped with. As they pointed out, the TDP or thermal design power of the Tensor G2 chip stands at around 10-12W. For those not knowing, TDP is a count of the maximum power that the chip consumes, which can peak at 18W when the display and the chip are working at their peak capacity. In effect, the phone can end up losing its charge faster when it is being put to the paces and with the display kept at around the max setting.

Some even pointed out losing 10 percent charge on the Pixel 7 Pro from just 15 mins of usage. That of course is far from being the ideal scenario and Google has to act fast before it sees the Pixel 7 Pro losing out to its competitors in the high stakes flagship smartphone battle. More on this as it emerges. Keep watching.