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New DJI Mavic 3 Classic is the affordable version of the original Mavic 3 drone

DJI announced the launch of its newest drone offering, the Mavic 3 Classic. It happens to be a derivative of the Mavic 3 drone but with a more pocket-friendly price tag while still carrying several of the best features of the latter. What you get on the Mavic 3 Classic is the 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel camera as well as the O3 Plus transmission system which has been taken from the original Mavic 3 drone. Plus, the Classic version is also capable of staying afloat for a maximum of 46-minutes, the same as that of the Mavic 3.

Another feature of the Mavic 3 that also applies to its Classic derivative is the Mavic 3 Fly More Kit. What you get with the kit is a pair of Intelligent Flight Batteries, a battery charging hub rated at 100W, and a 65W car charger. Also included are half a dozen low-noise propellers as well as a DJI convertible carrying case all of which come for an extra $649.

The Classic drone is capable of shooting videos at 5.1K, 4k, and Full HD resolution. It supports time lapse, hyper lapse, and panorama modes. However, the Classic version lacks the telephoto lens which is included in the Mavic 3. The drone also offers a cruise control feature that will let it fly at a fixed flight speed independently so that you can focus more on shooting rather than guiding the drone itself.

Plus, there also is the ActiveTrack 5.0 feature as well that imparts the drone with intelligent qualities. With the advanced tech onboard, the drone is able to recognize objects and lock onto them automatically. That is not all as the drone is also able to sync the drone’s movement so that the camera is able to capture steady and high-quality shots of the targeted object even if it is moving around.

You will be able to download images and videos shot by the drone to the connected mobile device at 80 Mbps via Wi-Fi 6. Also, the content gets downloaded to the mobile device directly so that there is no need to connect to the remote controller for the same.

Safety features onboard the Mavic 3 Classic include the APAS 5.

0 obstacle avoidance system that enables it to make its way through obstacles easily. For this, there are eight sensors present the feeds from which help the APAS 5.0 obstacle avoidance system to select the best route to get out of harm’s way. Then there is the ‘Return To Home’ system that will let the drone get back to the starting point via the easiest path after scanning the surrounding within a 200-meter radius.

Another nice feature of the Mavic 3 Classic drone is the AirSense ADS-B receiver that it comes with. This enables the drone to identify any planes, helicopters, or flying objects that might be flying in close vicinity and are transmitting ADS-B signals. This will let the drone to rectify its flight path to avoid any chances of a crash. Then there is the GEO 2.0 geofencing system as well which will let you set a predefined flight path while adhering to local airspace restrictions and other regulations.

Coming to price, the Mavic 3 Classic starts at $1,469 for the entry-level version. Next higher up is the Mavic 3 Classic and DJI RC-N1 controller combo which is priced at ,599.

The same when coupled with the DJI RC controller will set one back $1,749. Pairing the Mavic 3 Classic with the premium RC Pro DJI controller will require another $1,199. DJI said the drone comes with the necessary clearances that make it legal to fly and operate the drone in the US.