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Here is how you can pick up a brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for just $699.99.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an awesome piece of smartphone tech, let there be no doubt about that. Also, as good as the device is, it comes with a matching price tag as well, which at $1,919.99 for the carrier unlocked version borders insanity, it might be said. But then again, how about a deal that promises to slash the price by an equally insane $620 in one go. That effectively brings its price down to $1,299.99. That no doubt is more acceptable for a high end flagship foldable phone having 512 GB of native storage.

The above deal is available via the official Discover Samsung Winter lineup and is a limited time offer. Also, it is a flat $620 discount provided, with no pre-conditions attached. For instance, you won’t be required to trade in your existing device to avail of the $620 discount offer. Similarly, there is no need to agree to carrier activation or number port-in as well, making it one of the most lucrative deals you might have come across this entire festive season.

Things however do not end here as there is further scope to bring down the price even further. That is by way of trading in the right device which can bring the price down to up to a max of $699.99. That would be outright insane, to have a brand new Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone for a price that low, one that also gets delivered well before Christmas as well.

Of course, you got to provide the right device to make the most of the trade-in offer. That can be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which again should be in impeccable condition as well. This will fetch you the maximum $900 trade-in value. Other phones that too will fetch a good value include the original Galaxy Fold which would let you save $725. Similarly, the likes of the Galaxy Note 10+ or the Galaxy S10 Plus will fetch you trade-in value of $500 and $375 respectively. Needless to say, all of the above mentioned smartphone variants should be in perfect working condition and in their best possible shape as well to let you have the best price.

On the whole, it is a deal that you don’t get every once in a while. Also, there are no strings attached to it as well. However, you better hurry to make the most of it if you do not wish to be left out of all the fun. Happy shopping!