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Windows Threshold Wave 2 to spread Cortana for Windows 10 to more regions in October

While Microsoft is all geared to launch its latest Windows 10 in just about a week’s time, it seems the company is already prepping an update known as Threshold Wave 2, which will apparently be the first non-patch update to the OS after its official rollout on July 29 scheduled for a release in October.

Neowin reports that the update will likely include performance optimizations and other bug fixes to improve the overall Windows 10 experience. The new update might see some of those features that weren’t ready for the initial RTM release. For instance, the company recently made last changes about an update that allows users to transfer apps onto their SD cards that was earlier claimed to be included in the initial RTM. Hence, we could see the aforementioned feature being rolled out with the new update in October. Microsoft could also roll out the promised Skype desktop messaging app with Threshold Wave 2, or whether it’ll be included in the Redstone update.

Another major feature we can expect to be included in the update is extension support for the latest Edge browser. This would allow the new browser to take on the likes of the most popular rivals thereby giving users more control at the same time.

Notably, Microsoft recently announced that its personal digital assistant Cortana will soon be available for more users in different regions of the globe including Japan, Australia and India. While later this year, Cortana will also be available in Brazil and Mexico, which suggests Cortana functionality might be rolled out to more regions with the Threshold Wave 2 update. As Microsoft has already confirmed, Cortana’s experience will vary depending upon the user’s country, implying that the service will have its own distinct personality depending on the region you live in.

“Cortana is also aware of important cultural touchstones in each market. In France, Cortana celebrates the Cannes Film Festival. In Canada, Cortana loves hockey, and in India, Cortana celebrates cricket star and national hero Sachin Tendulkar,” Microsoft explains.

Hence, there’s a lot of buzz in town as to what Microsoft plans to include in these rumored updates, though nothing is officially confirmed by Microsoft yet. For now, all we can say is that a major update for Windows 10 is already being worked on and is expected to arrive this year, most probably in October.