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Windows 10 will bring Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One

Xbox One might get mouse and keyboard compatibility soon, as per a conversation on Twitter among chief Phil Spencer and a fan. In response to a query about PC to Xbox One streaming for games, Spencer revealed that engineers at Microsoft are working to bring native mouse and keyboard compatibility for Xbox One.

“Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this [Xbox One to PC streaming] to work, those aren’t far away,” Spencer said on Twitter.

Currently, the Xbox One allows input via keyboards to punch in basic text, though mouse support has never been added. It remains to be seen as to what kind of mouse compatibility will be added; neither is there any word as to when the functionality will be rolled out.

Adding keyboard and mouse support is yet another indication of the deeper integration between the console and Windows 10 OS the company is aiming at. Essentially, the Redmond giant wants to gradually transform its Xbox One console into a PC.

Mouse compatibility would certainly enhance Xbox One’s overall functionality. It’ll be a swifter way to access the on-screen menu and apps. And as Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 will be available on the Xbox One after its rolled out for PCs, this seems the next step by Microsoft to completely streamline home entertainment experience.

Mouse support for Xbox One could also turn out to be a gateway to MMO’s such as Warcraft and Dota 2, while also come in real handy for first person shooters where precision is a priority. However, some would argue that modern shooting titles are setup in a way that using a mouse and a keyboard doesn’t really give any advantage over a joypad. Hence, how this functionality will enhance the overall user experience remains yet to be seen.


Meanwhile, at E3 this year the company showcased the Xbox One Elite wireless controller that can identify a user’s settings between PC and console games. The controller is expected to arrive later this year and is another roll of the dice by Microsoft of what it wants to get out of Windows 10 and Xbox One integration. The company also announced at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, a revamped Xbox One interface dubbed as the ‘New Xbox One Experience’, which brings an entirely new feel to the UI along with support for Cortana.

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