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Apple patents earphones that don’t fall

Cupertino based Apple has now filed a patent of a design for earbuds designed to mold into a user’s ear, so they do not come out of or fall off even during intense physical activities and workouts.

The new patented design features a bendable rubbery outer section that’ll fit a user’s ear, so pods don’t fall out even while running.

This bendable rubbery section will essentially fit into a user’s ear, hence making it less likely to fall out during intense work outs.

Also, this would also bolster sound quality and even reduce external noise.

‘To improve the sit of the fit of the ear piece within the user’s ear, the ear piece may be substantially surrounded by a compliant element,’ the patent awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office, says.

According to the patent, the rubbery portion could be slightly larger than the inside of a user’s ear so that the earbud doesn’t fall off. It could also include some kind of a protrusion or a hook that’ll prevent them for coming out. There could also be a possibility that future earphones could be wireless.

‘The audio components may be coupled to the electronic device using any suitable approach, including for example wirelessly, e.g. using a Bluetooth or wireless protocol, or using a cable,” says the patent.

Apple’s current hard plastic ear piece comes free with some of its products, including the iPhone have a tendency to bounce out of the ear while doing strenuous or intense workouts.

The new patent design, in particular isn’t anything revolutionary, but it seems that Apple will be doing away those hard earpieces the company has always sold, which can also get very uncomfortable after a while. If successful, it could solve one of the perennial issues users face with their earphones.

While Apple’s earpods do offer an excellent sound quality, though users have been complaining that its plastic earpods come off rather easily. Let’s hope Apple has an answer to the problem with this new patent, however just like any other patents, there is no guarantee that they’ll ever be produced.