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Nikon D400 successor to Nikon D300 will reportedly launch in September

A bit of information has surfaced on the web, stating that the Nikon D400 will be making its way onto the market in September 2015. The source describes the Nikon D400 as the successor to the Nikon D300. The source, which remain anonymous, is reportedly sworn to secrecy, but they did spill a few details, including the release date.

According to this source, the D400 will be a crop sensor body and will include a 24 MP APS-C sensor, which will be a huge leap from the 12.3 MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor in the Nikon D300s. Rumors also state that the D400 will have a 51 point AF system and a maximum 51200 ISO and will include 4K recording quality.

So, why the delay? Possibly, it was a good time to release the camera, continuing the APS-C market with a fresh flagship model and creating something that could potentially compete with other recent flagships, such as the Canon 7D Mark II.

Rumors of a D400 release first cropped up in April, when Nikon representatives stated that they felt they were still missing a camera in the flagship APS-C market, hinting that a successor of the D300 was coming in the near future.

The last APS-C camera from Nikon was the D7200, a 24 MP camera that was released back in March. The D7200 includes the Expeed 4 processor and 51 autofocus points. It’s assumed that the D400 will expand upon these specs, but meet the physical design features of the D300s.

It is also rumored to have many of the same extras that are included with models like the D4s and the D810.

Despite the reports and rumors, this information could potentially turn out to be false. We will just have wait and see if any further news emerges from Nikon in the coming months.

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