Home Business ZenHub Project Management services comes to GitHub Enterprise, partnered by Imgur

ZenHub Project Management services comes to GitHub Enterprise, partnered by Imgur

ZenHub, a service that provides GitHub-embedded collaboration along with project management tools, announced today that it’ll launch ZenHub Enterprise, making it the first-ever collaboration project management solution that integrates directly into GitHub Enterprise.

Available only in Japan and the US initially, ZenHub has now opened its enterprise offering worldwide and includes features like multi-repo task boards, native any-type file uploads, and burn down charts along with velocity tracking.

Some prominent companies that have already beta tested this new service include photo service Imgur, ICON, Health & Fitness along with Japan’s Ikyu, while the product has already brought huge success with its hosted services for customers like NBC, Sony, Facebook and Microsoft.

By doing this, ZenHub believes that it’ll be able to centralize industry giants with GitHub, doing away the need for third-party management tools. The company touts that its service can help engineers save almost 1.5 hours of work every day, or forty hours each year, with GitHub’s integration. ZenHub’s direct integration with GitHub Enterprise eliminates the need for developers to switch back and forth between the many different tools at their disposal. ZenHub’s impact, when integrated with GitHub, is clearly evident, doing away the need to have multiplication applications and Windows open.

ZenHub has become immensely popular among engineers, apparently accounting for 63 percent of the total customer’s base. GitHub Enterprise was launched back in 2011 as a self-hosted open source repository for organizations. The whole idea behind it was to help enterprises with not such a robust network infrastructure as these organizations aren’t comfortable with their code being live beyond their own firewall.