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Google Maps gifts iOS users ‘Night Mode’ for easier navigation in the dark

Have you ever gotten lost at night and needed some direction? You’ve likely pulled out your smartphone and hit up the Google Maps app, or asked Google Now or Siri to provide turn-by-turn navigation instructions to get you back on the right road. If you’re worried about voice command eating up your battery, you’ve likely just “bitten the bullet” and tapped the Maps app yourself, stopping somewhere to type the destination and current location.

Google Maps is one of the most beloved maps applications in the mobile world, and the latest update for iOS Google Maps users stands to make the application even better than before. The long-clamored “Night Mode” for Google Maps is now a reality.

The new Night Mode should prove helpful for night drivers who wanted the app to be a bit “easier on the eyes.” At the same time, however, we should caution you: the Night Mode will only activate at night; no, it’s not an anytime Night Mode activation, that’s for sure – which means that you’ll still have a bright white experience with the Maps app until it turns night, wherever you live.

Alongside of the Night Mode, Google has also enabled photo caption edits for those who upload place photos to enhance Maps. You can even now label places on your map to see them when you need them, a useful feature for people who usually need time to search Maps to find what landmark or location they have in mind.

The Night Mode for Google Maps is only available for iOS at the moment, but Android users should see the same improvement make its way to the Android version sometime soon. It’s been said that Google’s apps such as Gmail, Maps, and others are best designed on iOS. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but it is interesting to think that iOS users will be the first to experience the new Night Mode.