Home Technology Facebook crossed 1,000,000,000 active users mark on Thursday, says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook crossed 1,000,000,000 active users mark on Thursday, says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook boasted a new achievement on Thursday, as chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg declared in a post that a billion people were on its social network in a single day.

“We just passed an important milestone, On Monday 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family”, he said in the post.

He further mentions the importance of the above milestone, as the company usually reports average daily users over a period of one month. For instance in June, the company had 968 million daily active users, but the above mentioned feat was achieved in a single day.

While the company surpassed the 1 billion active user mark in 2012, and currently has 1.5 billion active user accounts. Facebook in its earnings update last month, revealed that its monthly active users saw a rise of 13 percent from a year back to 1.5 billion, while the number of its mobile active users grew by 1.31 billion.

To recall, Facebook was founded in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg while he was still a Harvard student. He predicts that his social network’s reach is going to keep growing and this achievement is ‘just the beginning of connecting the whole world.’

Meanwhile, Facebook has also prepped a solar powered drone codenamed Aquila, with which the networking giant aims at providing basic Internet services to the remotest regions of the world. The social networking giant had a similar project called Internet.org, which has already provided more than billion people in 17 countries with free basic Internet access since its launch a year ago. Many of these included countries which already had basic networking infrastructure.

Though, with the Aquila drone, the company is targeting that percent of the population with no infrastructure at all, specifically remote and isolated regions of the world. The solar powered drone has a wing span equivalent of a Boeing 737 aircraft, and will be tested in US later this year.

Meanwhile in other related news, the company announced on Thursday that its developing a new tool that’ll give video creators rights to guard their work from being copied without their consent.

The company explains that its video matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads ‘quickly and accurately’, and when a match is detected, video publishers will be able to report them to Facebook for removal. The networking giant has already teamed up with a slew of partners, including media companies and will soon begin testing the new video matching technology.