Home Technology Razer to launch eSPORTS dedicated customizable Xbox One controller for $150

Razer to launch eSPORTS dedicated customizable Xbox One controller for $150

Well known gaming electronics company Razer who is rather known for its gaming arcade sticks have now announced a new customizable Xbox One controller. Dubbed as the Wildcat, the controller has been designed with eSports in mind and is set to launch this fall for $150. The controller weighs in at 0.57 lbs., making it 25 percent lighter compared to other tournament grade controllers. While its dimensions are approximately 41.7 inches long, 6.14 inches wide and 2.60 inches in height.

The company also claims Wildcat has been developed using valuable inputs from both professional and competitive gamers. The controller features four extra buttons that users can customize as per their preferences and assign to a set of different functions. Users can program these buttons to quickly adjust the volume and mute audio, or even shuffle between profiles.

In addition, the controller also gets rubber palm rests and along with analog stick covers to enhance the overall grip of the controller, especially during those intense moments. The Wildcat has been designed keeping in mind low-latency play, implying it’s a wired controller. It also houses a microUSB input on top, 3.5 mm audio port for headphones and mic, a braided fiber cable, and comes with a carrying case.

Talking about design, it clearly takes inspiration from the standard Xbox One controller, with a few tweaks added by Razer. Users will be given optional stick grip caps along with rubber palm grips, all decked in that trademark razer green and also features the Razer logo emblazoned along the bottom right of the controller.

In many ways, Razer’s Wildcat looks strikingly similar to the modular Xbox One elite controller which was unveiled at E3. And just like Elite, the new Wildcat also adds four buttons to the standard Xbox One layout However, unlike Elite which houses all four triggers on the back of the controller, the Wildcat has two on top next to the RB and LB buttons, while the other two are housed on the back which according to Razer are “removable aircraft-grade aluminum triggers”.

For those of you interested to get your hands dirty, the new Wildcat controller by Razer will be available in October for $150. We’ll certainly keep in an eye out for this one.

The company also announced a new wearable device called Nabu. It’s essentially a ‘smartband’ which can track your steps, display notifications and comes with an OLED screen which displays a single color. The wearable will be compatible with iOS and Android devices and boasts up to six days of battery life. Nabu has been competitively priced at $99.99, pre-orders for which have already begun while the wearable gadget will start shipping in October.

While its sibling Nabu X won’t be featuring any hardware refresh, though it’ll be getting a new companion app that’ll make the UI appear much cleaner. The new app is now available in beta which Nabu X users can download and try out today. While 2000 exclusive blue Nabu X trackers will also be given away as a freebie to PAX attendees.