Home Technology Microsoft’s $499 Xbox One Elite bundle Preorders exclusively at GameStop.com, MicrosoftStore.com

Microsoft’s $499 Xbox One Elite bundle Preorders exclusively at GameStop.com, MicrosoftStore.com

Microsoft just announced the new Xbox One Elite bundle on Monday aimed at pro-gamers. Priced at $499, the new ‘ELITE’ Xbox One is now available for pre-order on GameStop.com and MicrosoftStore.com. The new variant comes equipped with high-end specs with a focus on competitive gaming given the rising popularity of video games.

Moreover, the main distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the standard version is the 1TB solid state hybrid hard drive, which can save important files on a solid state partition that offers quicker access. The Redmond giant claims that the Elite version is the only gaming console featuring a built-in SSHD, which allows the system to boot up 20 percent faster while in energy-saving mode.

Included in the bundle is the recently announced Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. The controller that will be launching this fall, can also be purchased separately for $149.99. Microsoft claims the controller offers ‘pro-level precision’ along with a slew of customizable features such as swappable analog sticks, programmable button inputs, and thumbstick sensitivity options.

As already mentioned, the Elite bundle is primarily targeted at competitive gaming given the significant rise of e-sports industry. Microsoft itself takes active participation in organizing such competitive gaming events. The company back in June hosted the ‘ESL Mortal Kombat X’ tournament with a total prize money of over $100,000. While later this year, the company is expected to hold its own Halo World Championship where players will get to compete for a chance to win $1 million.

To recall, the company started offering the standard Xbox One with traditional 1TB hard drives in June for $399, which includes the standard controller and a game. Hence for $100 more, you can get the Xbox One Elite at the expense of a free game. The bundle goes on sale in the U.S starting November 3 exclusively at GameStop and Microsoft Stores, while its launch in other parts of the world is also scheduled sometime in November.

Apart from the Elite bundle, the company also announced a new Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller. Essentially, it is your standard Xbox One controller, though comes with a white and gold color scheme with an “improved grip texture.” It’ll be available with exclusively via GameStop in the when it launches late in September for $64.99. However, there’s no word yet on its international availability.

Microsoft is trying all ends to bridge the gap with rival PS4, as the company off-late has been offering a plethora of bundles, themed consoles and accessories to up the ante against its Japanese rival, which still dominates the scene.