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Last minute Christmas tech gift suggestions

BuddyPhones® POP Fun wireless kid-proof, kid-safe headphones, designed to sound great, but also protect children’s hearing health. The POP Fun are available in white, blue, green or yellow from onanoff.com for $39.99
BuddyPhones® POP Fun wireless headphones are specifically designed for young listeners offering SafeAudio®, whereby the volume is limited to 85/94dB ensuring a child is not listening to them too loudly which could cause hearing damage. From watching cartoons, surfing TikTok or listening to music and watching videos, kids spend more time than ever before with devices. Leading innovator in children’s headphones, ONANOFF, aim to meet this demand with its BuddyPhones® POP Fun with fun designs and stickers to personalise and volume limiting capability. The BuddyPhones® POP Fun is ideal for daily use whilst still ensuring hearing health is protected.
Even for long periods of use, the durable, easily washable ear pads are incredibly comfortable, and the headphones are also fully adjustable and can be folded when not in use. POP Fun also comes with a set of expressive foil decals for users to personalise and express individual personalities.
The BuddyPhones® POP Fun boasts a 24 hour battery life for wireless use or a wired connection option, making them ideal for keeping children entertained whilst travelling or on long car trips. They will also work as a wired option if the battery has depleted. The BuddyPhones® POP Fun inspires a growing demographic of digital natives to carry on the trend of safe listening.
ShiftCam’s SnapGrip Creator Kit – Available from the ShiftCam website for $129.99 
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Creatives can now take that perfect shot.
The SnapGrip makes producing quality photographs and videos an absolute breeze – it really is as simple as snap, grip, shoot!
The SnapGrip system comprises of a SnapGrip, the SnapLight LED ring light and the SnapPod tripod all of which attach together magnetically. Each component can work individually, together, and in any combination. SnapGrip is a portable, lightweight compact grip, dock and charger that allows users to shoot on a mobile phone quickly, securely, and comfortably. With a universal fit and magnetic mounting system, it’s easy to attach – everything simply snaps on. SnapGrip works with virtually any smartphone and is MagSafe compatible.
By focusing on the essential parts of a DSLR, ShiftCam has kept the design of SnapGrip minimal.  It has a wireless shutter button and it also doubles as a Qi wireless battery pack which can charge a mobile phone.  Its pivot system makes it simple to switch between landscape and portrait, The Snaplight, which helps to eliminate harsh shadows and provides soft, even lighting can point in the direction of the rear camera or flip backward as required and has four levels of brightness to choose from. The SnapPod can be used as a table-top dock or as a video selfie stick.
SnapGrip is available in a choice of Midnight, Abyss Blue, Blue Jay, Chalk Pink and Pink Pomelo, designed to complement and enhance any mobile phone.
Nexar Beam GPS Full HD 1080P Dash Cam – currently available from the Nexar website for $139.95 and  Amazon for $129.95
Nexar Beam GPS is a sleek and compact plug and play dash cam that can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror. Recording crisp and clear 1080p full HD video, the dash cam also has a super wide lens with a 135-degree field of view. The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked. Footage can be downloaded to the user’s phone as soon as it connects to the dash cam so can be viewed immediately; offering true peace of mind. With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage and the built-in GPS module can link the location of the vehicle to the footage. This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes with users being able to access the required footage easily and quickly.
Nexar has developed its own proprietary software and the companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to your phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips. Incidents can be reported and files shared and viewed immediately with an insurance company or the police through the app. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits, and all of it is incredibly easy to use and navigate around.
The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB. Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription, so drivers can avoid the extra cost and have the same ability to save any video to the cloud. Ideal if the dash cam is ever stolen or damaged, as footage can still be viewed and accessed from anywhere. The video clips can be wrapped together with important data into a report and uploaded immediately using a one-click report function.  Additionally, Siri voice command may be used to send messages to others whilst on the road in the Nexar Groups app which will show the location if the driver is delayed.
Puro Sound Labs PuroPro volume limiting, active noise cancelling adult headphones –available from Amazon.com for $119.00
The PuroPro is the latest addition to the range, with a slick design and studio grade audio quality, providing adults with a listening experience that is both high quality and healthy. In keeping with the Puro Sound Labs mission to protect consumers’ hearing, the headphones are also volume limited to 85 dB for up to 8 hours per day, and 95 dB for up to 50 mins per day, as recommended by the World Health Organization. The headphones are equipped with Puro Balanced Response® Curve technology, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals, plus two adjustable ANC levels, ensuring that users can listen to their favourite tracks and podcasts undisturbed, or find their own space in shared environments.
The wireless Bluetooth v.5 headphones are complete with a lightweight, foldable design and matching hard cover carrying case and are ideal for travel, with long lasting batteries that provide up to 28 hours playtime with ANC, 32 hours without and 300 hours of standby time.
The PuroGamer Volume Limiting Gaming Headphones on Amazon.com for $20.00
The PuroGamer headphones are designed specifically for gaming with a slick design, high quality audio through both sound and an omnidirectional, noise cancelling microphone. They are also volume limited to 85dB to ensure that there is no damage to gamers’ hearing health when there are explosions or other noises in gameplay. Featuring a 7.1 surround sound technology, the headphones allow gamers to immerse themselves into the world of their games and the 50mm graphene driver and response equaliser provides a balanced and safe sound. Additionally, the headphones have 82% ambient noise isolation at 1kHz to shut the rest of the world out. The Puro Balanced Frequency Response Curve also allows the PuroGamer’s to sound great even at lower listening levels and the game dialogue and sound effects to be heard clearly against the full spectrum of audio.
PuroQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphone –Available in blue, pink, red and teal on Amazon for $129.00
The PuroQuiet was developed by a father who realised his 10 year old daughter had sustained Noise-Induced Hearing Loss from listening to music too loud, for too long. Finding no one was addressing this issue adequately, the family set about designing and developing the highest-quality, studio-grade, volume limiting to 85 decibels children’s headphone whilst still at an affordable price.
Made from high-quality aluminium, with plush noise-isolating ear-pads, the latest Bluetooth profiles for CD-like quality wireless audio, a highly sensitive microphone for taking calls or gaming with friends and up to 16-hours of active battery life the PuroQuiet headphones certainly deliver on audio quality and style. In addition to the sleek new design, the PuroQuiet headphones have an active noise cancellation feature found on high-end headphones that suppress ambient noise levels and provides a superior listening experience in even the loudest of environments. It blocks out daily noise and background sounds up to 22 dB, complemented by 82% noise isolation.
BT2200 Lightweight on-ear volume limited Bluetooth kid’s headphones – Available for $79.00 on Amazon.comAvailable in blue, pink, green and teal.
The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 come equipped with a volume restrictor of 85 dB to limit output that a child cannot go above. The 40 mm dynamic driver combining with 82% noise isolation renders sounds more clearly, with the dynamic range from 20Hz to 20kHz and less than 1% harmonic distortion. This studio grade audio quality together with the Puro Balanced Response® ensures the headphones deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals and full, dynamic bass all within 85 dB volume limit.
The BT2200 is made with high quality materials to help prevent the possibility of allergies whilst using the headphones in the wireless mode stops the dangers of possible cable entanglement and tripping.
The ultra-lightweight design allows children to enjoy their favourite tunes without pressure to head or ears. An adjustable headband completes the natural, fine-tuned fit whilst the protein leather ear cups offers the optimal in comfort.
XGO3 Android children’s smart watch currently available from the Xplora website for $139.99
The Xplora XGO3, launched in July 2022 replaces the XGO2 with an improved camera, longer lasting battery life, improved water resistance and a more sleek and lightweight design and is available in five vibrant colours. Completely GDPR compliant, it is an ideal first phone for children aged 5-12. The watch comes with an Xplora 4G SIM card so the watch can be used immediately.
The XGO3 allows kids to use a range of functions whilst remaining safe and secure. When wearing and using the device, children have the ability to make and receive voice calls from pre-saved numbers only, so they can communicate with friends or family without the risk of receiving any unsolicited calls. These contacts can be managed on the parent’s app which is free to download and helps adults to ensure children are only talking to trusted contacts. The watch does not feature social media, making the safety of children using it a priority, ensuring a safe introduction to the digital world. The device can also receive and reply to messages including text, emojis, images and voice messages but School Mode can be activated so only the SOS function works whilst in class. Children will love having fun with the 2MP camera and with 4GB storage, there is plenty of room to store photos.
The XGO3 also encourages kids to stay active, with a step-counter and the award-winning Goplay platform with games and rewards to be earned.  This means that it is easier for parents to control the balance between screen time and physical activity.  Working with major film and TV companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures and Netflix, as well as campaigns such as that based upon the sponsorship of The Hundred cricket series and Paula Radcliffe’s Families on Track events.  Xplora also runs regular campaigns on the Goplay platform as well as competitions and offers amazing prizes for topping the leader board.
myFirst Camera Insta Wi – available from MyFirstTech for $132.00 – aged 7-13 years
See the excitement on your kid’s face when they get a printout in 10 seconds on what they have captured. As the camera is using thermal fast print technology, photos will be printed in black and white at the quickest speed.
myFirst Camera Insta Wi comes with a new feature that allows you to create and print labels in different sizes with various templates of patterns, symbols, and icons. You can adjust the size of the icon, enter text, change the font type, add on border style, and much more.
This camera does it all – film video, take pictures, and snap selfies. With the handy lens switcher, you don’t even need to turn the camera around. Picture quality is guaranteed with a 16MP digital camera plus rear and wide-angle selfie lens.
Insta Wi is much smaller in size compared with other label printers. With filters and frames pre-installed in the camera, kids can snap and print cute and interesting photos or stickers to create photo albums, name tags, scrapbooks, etc. At £109 this super-cute camera is fantastic value for money.
Key Features:
  • 12MP digital camera with a front and rear selfie lens
  • Inkless thermal instant printing in 10 seconds
  • Wireless transfer of photos
  • Dedicated mobile application for label editing/creation that can be downloaded in both Google Play and App Store.
  • Customised label creation
  • Handy lens switcher for video creation, taking pictures, and snapping selfies
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Easily connected to a laptop to print photos in colour
See a video here
myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite available from MyFirstTech  for $59.00 
These bone conduction headphones offer children a safe way to listen to music, watch movies or Tik Tok on the move. It essentially means that a child can still hear other external sounds while the sound is delivered through their cheekbones rather than directly into their ears. It is very important when that happens, whether it is traffic when crossing a road, an alarm going off, or a parent yelling for their kid to come down for tea.
This technology is usually only found in premium adult headphones most of which cost well over £100. The headphones are also volume limited to safe levels so it will not damage small ears and cause hearing issues in the future.
They are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time such as a long flight or car journey with soft rubber contact points and large silicon pads and weighing in at only 28gms.
The headphones are made for children so they can easily handle being caught in the rain, left in a dirty drawer, or even dropped down the toilet! Lastly, the headphones play duration is up to 5 hours makes them excellent for prolonged usage, and they can be quickly charged with a USB Type C cable.
Key Features:
  • Bone conduction technology – allows for music to be transmitted via the cheekbones.
  • Kids can listen to music while remaining alert outside leaving ears open to hear external sounds.
  • Volume limited to safe levels ensuring hearing health not damaged.
  • Soft rubber contact points and large silicon pads provides comfort, even on long usage periods. Perfect for long flights and car journeys!
  • Incredibly lightweight weighing only 28gms so can be used for long periods of time.
  • 5 hours of continuous play time and easily charged via a USB Type C Cable
  • Water and dust resistance of IPX6
ENGINO Discovering STEM Mechanics Pulley Drives Construction Set, available from Engino for $34.99
Engino, one of the fastest growing companies in the STEM field, brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists, with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions.
In this set, learn how Pulley Drives can be used to transfer force with reduced force and increase speed.
There are 8 working models to build such as a Crane Bridge, Material Lift, Windmill and more.
The box also contains a manual that includes 10 pages of theory and amazing facts, 3 pages of experimental activities, 2 pages of revision quiz, and 15 pages of step by step instructions.
The models illustrated online at Engino’s website or using the Engino 3D app downloadable for Android or Apple iOS.
Discovering STEM Newton’s Law Construction Set, available from Engino for $34.99
Engino, one of the fastest growing companies in the STEM field, brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists, with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions.
The Newton’s Law Construction set is aimed at kids aged 9-16+ and teaches all about Newton’s laws of motion which are the basis of classical mechanics that still describe most everyday life situations.  Children learn about inertia, kinetic and potential energy, whilst building working models such as a ballistic catapult, a crash test car and a balloon-powered plane.
There are 8 models in the box with easy to follow instructions, and detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied.  It incorporates experimental activities for hand-on learning.  There is also a quiz section to challenge the newly acquired knowledge!
Engino also have an interactive 3D building app, allowing children to build in virtual reality.
The Engino STEM toys are made of environmentally friendly, toxin-free plastic and are made to last, guaranteeing years of educational play.
ENGINO Creative Engineering Maker Junior 10 Models Set – Available from Amazon for $8.65  
Engino, one of the fastest growing companies in the STEM field, brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists, with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions.
The Creative Engineering Maker Junior 10 Models Set uses stackable building blocks with colouring and numbers learning and is aimed at ages 3+.
The set is based around a storytelling adventure where little learners discover what their favourite animals look like while keeping busy with building, colouring and number learning activities.
Little builders use STEM skills whilst getting hours of creative play to improve hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking, using colourful, easy-to-handle blocks, rods and connectors.
This creative building kit combines easy print & online instructions to build 10 engineering toy models including an elephant, a giraffe, a spaceship and many more!
The set is also made from environmentally friendly toxin-free plastic, is compatible with other Engino products and can be easily stored in its plastic tub when done!
The CODING LAB ENGINO GinoBot™ – aged 8+, available from the ENGINO® website for an RRP of $147.91
GinoBot™ is a highly programmable robot, ready to be used straight from the box.  It requires minimal effort, and the easy set-up takes only a couple of minutes.  Developed by a combination of engineers and academics, GinoBot™ is an ideal tool for teaching STEM disciplines, mathematical reasoning and programming, all whilst having fun!
The new robotic line called CODING LAB has been specifically developed for robotic enthusiasts, age 9 years plus, who look for smart programmable gadgets of expandable and reconfigurable capabilities.  The line is spearheaded by GinoBot™, the latest innovative robotics vehicle, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, ideal for primary and secondary school students, but also hobbyist engineers.  The CODING LAB line, through hands-on interaction and real life problem-solving challenges, can really help the next generation of inventors to develop STEM expertise and acquire crucial skills now needed in the 21st century.
GinoBot™ has built-in connectors, enabling structural and mechanical expansion whilst expandability extends also to open electronics as it is also connectable to Raspberry Pi®, Microbit®, and Arduino® as well as to ENGINO™ ERP sensor modules (not included).  This 4-wheel drive version of Ginobot™ comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has 2 colour sensors built-in at the bottom to follow coloured lines and 4 programmable RGB lights.  It also has an ultrasound sensor at the front and 3 infrared distance sensors, enabling precise movements in all directions and preventing crashes!
The INVENTOR MECHANICS GinoBot™ is available from the ENGINO® website for $190.17
The new INVENTOR MECHANICS series has a thematic approach with multi-model capabilities, featuring an impressive main model.  A new library of patent-pending components has been added to the ENGINO® system which enhances both aesthetics and technical features.  These parts include high-precision wheels, mechanisms and snap-fit curved surfaces.  This robot helps to explore multi-divergent projects at a broad range of levels with a virtually unlimited expansion potential.  It allows the attachment of add-on 3rdparty electronics and hardware (Raspberry Pi®, Microbit® Arduino®) and besides its internal sensors and its expandability with 3rd party electronics, the body of GinoBot™ is also compatible with the ENGINO® building system to construct larger and more sophisticated robots. This robotised set comes with 10 bonus models and is aimed at age 9 years plus.
The first level of programming for the GinoBot™ robots is the action of pushing buttons on a device (manual programming), a method that all children are familiar with.  A sequence of commands can then be recorded directly on the robot and then recall or repeat the information over and over again. The second level of programming involves using the Ginobot robot™ app.  Using this, children can remotely control the robot, control the lights and play musical tones. The app is free to download and expands manual programming potential. For those wanting to explore the world of robotics even further, installation of the patented KEIRO™ software on a PC or smart device enables the user to learn the fundamental principles of coding and to construct more complex bespoke projects. This programming platform can also be controlled through Bluetooth connection and is compatible with operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux.  The applications are available in Google Play and Apple Store. The INVENTOR MECHANICS GinoBot™ is available from the ENGINO® website for £149.99.
EZVIZ DB1C Wi-Fi video doorbell is currently available on Amazon.com for ONLY $39.99
EZVIZ, a global-leading smart home security brand, offers consumers an incredibly affordable and straight-forward route to improved smart home security and personal safety. The EZVIZ DB1C is a Wi-Fi video doorbell, delivering 1080p HD video and a 170-degree vertical field of view, providing reliable protection, with built-in artificial intelligence capability and upgraded video compression. The DB1C has night vision and enables users to capture every detail, including a head-to-toe review of visitors and clear, reliable recordings of any deliveries left on the doorstep.
If a visitor rings the bell, the DB1C doorbell initiates a video call with two-way talk via the EZVIZ app o the user’s smartphone, meaning the door can be answered anywhere and at any time.  The device is also equipped with an AI algorithm which allows the device to intelligently detect a person’s movement, ensuring that users will only receive notifications when people move past.  This function can be turned off if other motion alerts, such as those triggered by animals or cars, are required.  The new AI provides the user with instant alerts through the app, improving user safely and reducing the change of false alarms.
The DB1C is rated with IP65 dust and water protection and unlike many of the video doorbells on the market, the EZVIZ DB1C supports dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, providing users with the option of 2.4 or 5 GHz connections, for optimal network performance. The DB1C also features upgraded storage solutions, with advanced H.265 video compression technology to achieve better video quality, using only half the band width and half of the storage space of the previous H.264 compression standard.
View a video of the DB1C here
EZVIZ C6 AI Smart Camera – available from Amazon for $99.99
The EZVIZ C6 AI smart camera in an indoor camera that is small in size and big in functionality.   It is the perfect way to keep an eye on your family or pets when you are not home.
With on-camera AI, the C6 2K+ identifies humans and pets in an instant and detects abnormal sounds to add an extra layer of protection.  The camera can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving object and has 360° panoramic view.
The C6 can also track high-speed activity and fast movements will not appear blurry in the camera’s vision, thanks to the 25 fps video recording capacity.
The camera also has safe video storage, enabling you to secure your unforgettable memories on a local SD card.  What’s more, the camera notifies you when you are needed and can alert you when the noise level suddenly changes.  Your family members can also simply wave at the camera to initiate a video call to your phone. Cute and compact, the C6 is the must-have technology for any modern home where maintaining contact and security 24/7 is of utmost importance.