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LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus now have names: Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

Okay, so it’s likely you’ve heard the LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus will be announced sometime soon. Well, every smartphone has a name, right? Fortunately, “LG Nexus” and “Huawei Nexus” won’t be the names, but Google has decided to continue a numbering system that is turning slightly complex this time around.

Sources say that the new LG Nexus will be called the Nexus 5X, and the Huawei Nexus will be called the Nexus 6P. There’s been no rationale given behind the naming scheme, though it seems Google wants to differentiate this year’s LG Nexus 5 from the LG Nexus 5 the search engine giant and Korean manufacturer produced in 2013 that is now two years old. Of course, the 2013 LG Nexus 5 came preloaded with Android 4.4 KitKat while this year’s LG Nexus 5X will come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

The LG Nexus 5X will feature a 5.2-inch, IPS LCD screen with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1080p (though earlier rumors pointed to a 2K display here), alongside of a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, and feature 32GB and 64GB models. Rumors have circulated stating that the Nexus 5X will be a little pricier than the 2013 LG Nexus 5, with a minimum of $349 for the 32GB model and $399 for the 64GB model.

The Huawei Nexus 6P will feature a 5.7-inch display (as opposed to the 5.95-inch display of last year’s Motorola Nexus 6) with Samsung’s Super AMOLED panel and a 2K (2,560 x 1,440p) screen resolution. The Nexus 6P will be the flagship for Google, seeing that Mountain View will offer the model in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions. There’s been no word on pricing for the new 128GB version, but the new storage version makes Nexus history for Google (the company’s never introduced a 128GB storage model of its Nexus line, ever). The Nexus 6P looks to be at least $449 for the 32GB model, with the 128GB possibly costing around $599 or more. Neither device is rumored to feature a microSD card slot, despite Google’s announcement at I/O 2015 that Android Marshmallow would natively support SD cards.

Both devices will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as Google’s invitation says that the Tuesday, September 29th unveiling in San Francisco will offer “so much s’more” (referring to “smores” as a dessert, which uses marshmallows as a critical ingredient). For those interested in watching the event, you can see it at 1PM PST (Pacific Standard Time).