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Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P — All you need to know

Google on Tuesday finally unveiled its latest generation of Nexus phones at an event – the Nexus 5X from LG along with the Nexus 6P manufactured by Huawei. The duo will go on sale in October that will showcase the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

“Today we’re introducing the latest Nexus treats, both running Marshmallow, sweetened by amazing apps and sandwiched by some cutting-edge hardware,” said Google in a blog post.

According to Google, the Nexus 5X “offers top of the line performance” at an affordable price. It features a 5.2-nch FullHD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Powering the device will be a Snapdragon 808 hexa-core chipset bundled with 2GB of RAM, optics includes a 12MP camera with the laser-auto focus, and a 2700mAh battery. The Nexus 5X will be available in 16GB and 32GB storage options.


Apart from the specs mentioned above, it appears that the most important upgrade on Nexus 5X is apparently its fingerprint sensor housed on the back. The company calls it the ‘Nexus Imprint’ which takes only 600ms to detect your unique fingerprint which Google claims “gets better over time”, as with each use it learns more about a user’s fingerprint patterns. It’ll also allow users to make payments via Google’s own mobile payment service Android Pay, which can be used to shop or make transactions at locations that have basic NFC architecture.

Meanwhile, its larger sibling, the Nexus 6P, manufactured by Huawei sports an all-metal build which the company says makes it the “most premium” Nexus handset it has had till date. The metal clad body does make the Nexus 6P feel more like a premium device compared to earlier Nexus smartphones. It’s also much sleeker compared to its Nexus 6 thus making it easier for hand usage compared to a lot of phablets currently available in the market.


Coming on to the specs, the Nexus 6P features a 5.7-inch 2K AMOLED screen with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4, also found on the latest Galaxy S6 range from Samsung. Powering the device will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 0cta-core chipset bundled with 3GB of RAM. It’ll be available in three color variants i.e. silver, black and white along with a choice of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage options.

Both devices are also equipped with USB Type-C port for quick charging, which the company claims can offer 4 hours of battery life with 10 minutes of charging on the Nexus 5X, and as much as 7 hours on Nexus 6P.

The Nexus 5X starts at $379 while the Nexus 6P will be available starting at $499. Both devices are now available for pre-order via the Google Store in the US, UK, Ireland, Korea, Japan, and Canada. All pre-orders are also entitled to a 90-day free trial of Google Play Music while buyers in the US also get a $50 credit on the Play Store.

With the ever growing demand for low-cost Android flagships which include the likes of OnePlus 2 and a few devices from Motorola, can the new Nexus line-up revive itself as its previous iterations could not really deliver what the Nexus range is rather known for.