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Apple iOS 9.0.2 fixes lock screen bypass bug, iOS 9.1 Beta 3 also available as public beta

With just a week since the release iOS 9’s last patch update, Apple has started rolling out the latest patch update to its mobile OS now with version 9.0.2. The latest update fixes a major lock screen vulnerability that could give someone access to photos and contacts by bypassing the PIN code entry. The flaw was found in the initially released iOS 9 firmware and was also subsequently neglected in iOS 9.0.1.

However, it was not really a big threat as going past the lock screen entry was a fairly lengthy process. It involved activating Siri while on the fifth attempt to enter the PIN, followed by asking the ‘time’ to access the clock app, then highlighting text to get access to the ‘share’ button, and finally getting access to the contacts screen.

Along with fixing the lock screen exploit, it also addresses a number of bugs such as problems with iMessage, iCloud backups, data usage along with an issue that caused screens rotating randomly at times.

With this new update, the company has also stopped signing code for iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.0. Hence, users looking forward to downgrade from the latest version of iOS, won’t be able to do so for either of the two. Apple says that such a measure ensures that devices running iOS have the most stable and secure build of OS.

With two back to back weekly updates for the latest iOS 9, the company is also pushing out back to back betas. After iOS 9.1 Beta 2 was released last week, the company has pushed a third version of the iOS 9.1 beta for testers along with users who are on the public beta. Moreover, just like the earlier two builds, the new beta also brings a slew of new emoji characters, along with the option for disabling contact photos in the Messaging app, just like the previous one.

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Developers along with public beta users can get the new build via an OTA update. While developers also have the option to get it from the Apple Developer Center.

The company last week also claimed that iOS 9 has already made history, with the fastest adoption rate ever. According to Apple iOS 9 adoption rate currently sits at 50 percent, which obviously means that half of all iOS devices are now running the latest version of the OS. Though according to MixPanel, a reputed third party analytics firm suggests that iOS 9 is currently running on only 30 percent of existing iOS devices.