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TinyMOS Tiny1 to be astronomers GoPro enters crowdfunding

Astronomers and astrophotographers unite! TinyMOS, a startup located in Singapore, is working on a camera that is right up your alley. Unlike the more expensive DSLR telephoto options out there, the Tiny1, which is still in its prototype phase, aims to provide a cheaper experience in a smaller package, while still capturing high resolution pictures, even in low-light situations, for those individuals unsatisfied with the blood moon pictures they took with their smartphone. The Tiny1 is also capable of recording time-lapse video at the 2.5K quality.

Other features include built-in automation, meaning the Tiny1 adjusts to the proper aperture for the target image using certain presets, like ‘Milky Way’ or ‘Northern Lights’. There is also the ‘Point-to-the-Stars’ feature that uses a live view and star charts to help find specific objects in the sky.

The Tiny1 can also be used as an ordinary mirrorless camera, complete with the ability for interchangeable lenses. The body is small (exact specifications are unknown at this time) and is encased in a sleek brushed aluminum. The camera can be powered by either battery or USB connection, according to details released about the prototype that is currently in testing.

The company, TinyMOS, was formed in 2014 by three students from the National University of Singapore. Together, with their knowledge in new media, engineering, and astronomy, they aim to create a camera that does for stargazing and astronomers what GoPro did for action hobbyists and professionals.

More details will be revealed in November, along with an accompanying Indiegogo campaign, which will aim to raise the proper funds for the camera’s release. However, it is already looking promising, with TinyMOS previously raising about $300,000 from investors and grants. Those who are interested in contributing and the following development can sign up for updates on the TinyMOS website. The next campaign will be the final step towards putting the Tiny1 into the consumer’s hands.