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Microsoft surprises everyone with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Microsoft did have a few surprises in store at its Windows 10 event in New York. After unveiling the highly anticipated current-gen Surface Pro 4 hybrid, the Windows maker also unveiled its first ever laptop in the form of Surface Book, which the company claims is 20 percent more powerful than highly applauded MacBook Pro. Both these devices will be available starting October 26, while pre-orders now being accepted. The company says these products will be available at the company’s official online store, its physical retail stores, along with authorized resellers and select partner retailers.

Surface Book

As already mentioned, the Surface Book is first ever laptop from Microsoft. The device gets a 13.5-inch Pixel Density detachable display, implying it can also be used in tablet mode. Microsoft says this has been made possible by a unique feature the company has been working for years called ‘dynamic fulcrum hinge’, which apparently holds the two halves together and allows it be detached from the keyboard seamlessly.

Apart from these unique semantics, the Surface Book is an absolute powerhouse featuring Intel’s latest sixth-gen Core i processors, and can be bundled with up to 16GB of RAM. And with its detachable keyboard along with its ability to use Microsoft’s new Surface Pen, the device has the potential to offer more productivity.


The newly launched Surface Book will not come cheap, as the base model has been priced at $1500 when it goes on sale, apparently $200 more than the MacBook Pro. However its unique distinguish aspects such as the Surface Book’s ability to be used in tablet mode might make it a worthy alternative.

Surface Pro 4

After the huge success of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft hopes to build upon the momentum created by Surface Pro 3 as a complete hybrid device with the unveiling of new Windows 10 powered Surface Pro 4. The current-gen Surface hybrid gets a larger 12.3-inch screen as opposed to the 12-inch screen of its predecessor. And despite the larger screen size, Microsoft has managed to shrink the overall weight of the device to 1.63 pounds. Another notable change in the latest Surface Pro 4 is that the hybrid now comes with Intel’s latest 6th gen Core M and Core i processors, making it all the more powerful.


The company also says the new Surface Pro 4 comes with an improved Type Cover keyboard, featuring a more responsive and larger trackpad, backlit keys, and a fingerprint scanner. And just like the Surface Book, the new hybrid is also compatible to be used with the new Surface Pen which offers 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The latest Surface Pro 4 hybrid will hit stores starting October 6th and starts at $899.