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Tim Cook claims 30% of iPhone buyers switched from Android in Q4 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s Q4 Earnings Conference Call on Tuesday that nearly 30 percent of iPhone buyers had switched from Android. Apparently the highest ratio of Android switchers the iPhone maker has recorded in a span of three months.

“There would have been some switchers on top of that from other operating systems, but obviously Android is the largest one by far. That number is the largest that we’ve ever recorded since we began measuring it three or so years ago. It’s a huge number and we’re very, very proud of that number.” said Cook.

He clearly specified that the number applies to users who switched from an Android device, and does not include first-time buyers.

In the past, the company has been rather vocal about Android users switching to iOS, as in the previous quarter the company recorded a 27 percent switch rate. Cook further added that this number is likely to increase in the coming future, once Android users are eligible for a carrier upgrade.

“We have a very open field in front of us,” further added Cook.

Of late, it seems Android users are on the company’s hit list, as back in March Apple announced a trade-in program for non-iOS devices. While in June, the company tried to lure Android users with a standalone “Move to iOS” app to migrate data from Android to iOS. As the name suggests, the app makes it easy to transfer details like contacts, messages, calendar entries, photos and more from any Android device to an iOS device. In addition, it also suggests apps that users should download depending upon what they had installed on their earlier smartphone.

Meanwhile, the company has yet again broken previous records for Q4 2015, selling 48 million iPhones, earning a revenue of .

5 billion with a net profit of $11.1 billion, apparently 22 percent increase compared to the same period last year, as in Q4 2014, the company earned $42.1 billion at a profit of $8.5 billion.

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