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Google reportedly unifying Android and Chrome OS by 2017 like Windows 10

Google is reportedly planning to merge its Chrome OS with Android, according to Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Chrome will be a minuscule part of Android, as the latter has so far become the dominant OS.

The report further adds that Google has been working for around two years to integrate the two operating systems and have apparently made some progress. The combined OS will be revealed sometime in early 2017, while a preview version is expected to be shown off at Google’s I/O conference early next year. The move is essentially aimed at reducing the number of standalone platforms the company needs to take care of, the report added.

Chrome OS, which accounts for less than 3 percent of PCs, was Google’s attempt to streamline the Web and browsing experience to more devices. Though what it’s really missing is native apps which apparently gets developers and consumers interested. Merging the two would also help Google to get a larger Android user base, as the OS already runs on phones, tablets, watches along with TVs, and adding laptops to the mix would certainly increase its reach.

Chromebooks will be getting a new name, while the new version of Android will notably be giving users access to the Play Store. Chrome OS will still exist as an open source operating system, though the company’s focus will now be exclusive to extend Android reach to make its way onto laptops, the report further adds.

It’s worth pointing out that even Microsoft adopted a similar approach, for instance with its Skype Universal apps which runs on both phones as well as PCs. Though on the contrary, Apple still maintains different operating systems for smartphones and PCs. As according to the company’s CEO Tim Cook, merging the two doesn’t offer the best experience out of either.