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TSMC announces commencement of 3nm chip production

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company announced it is all set to start commencing production of 3nm chips at its Fab 18 unit. However, it is Apple that seems to have exclusive rights over the first lot of the 3nm chips that TSMC comes up with. Numerous reports had earlier claimed Apple to be the first recipient of the cutting edge next generation chips that the Cupertino company aims to use to upgrade its upcoming range of devices.

There also are reports of TSMC having organized a ceremony to mark the momentous event as it embarks on a technological feat that takes its engineering prowess to the next level. The ceremony is scheduled to be held on December 29 at the Southern Taiwan Science Park. The chipmaker will not only commence the production of the new gen chips on that day but will also roll out plans on how it wishes to expand the production of the 3nm chips thereafter.

As per reports available at the moment, Apple’s M2 Pro chips that are based on the TSMC 3nm node will make their way to the new MacBook 14 and 16, Mac Studio, and Mac Mini devices slated to launch next year. Post that, the company’s future chips such as the A17 Bionic or the M3 chip will also be based on the TSMC 3nm node. The integration of 3nm chips is expected to bring about a significant improvement in performance over the 5nm A16 Bionic chips that power the present generation iPhone 14 range.