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Apple to increase Music Library, iTunes match limits to 100,000 songs

Apple Music users can now stash up to 100,000 songs on its iTunes server, as the company plans to roll out increased support to Apple Music shortly. The company hasn’t yet officially announced the rollout though several users have reportedly said that they were able to upload more than 25,000 tracks on iTunes Match or Apple Music.

Earlier, users were limited to store only up to 25,000 tracks in their music library, and it seems soon this limit will be substantially increased. Earlier this year, Apple Music chief Eddie Cue announced on Twitter that the company will soon be increasing the matching limit of Apple Music from 25,000 to 100,000 by the end of the year.

The new change will certainly be a delight for users as apart from the ability to add more songs, users can manage the storage capacity on their devices more effectively. Moreover, users can also fully utilize the launch of the Apple Music beta on Sonos wireless speakers, on which they can stream their music via the Apple Music account.

While through the Sonos app, users can manage their Apple Music account, get access to their library and get recommendations through a new feature called “For You”. Apple Music beta will be arriving on Sonos starting December 15 while the company added that the public beta will be launching sometime early next year.

To recall, Apple officially announced Apple Music at its WWDC event back in June for iOS, when the company also said that an Android version would also debut this fall. Back in late October, leaked screenshots of Apple Music for Android appeared on the web, suggesting the service could soon launch on the rival platform. The leaked images for the Android version of the app shows various sections such as the ‘New’ and For You screens, along with Beats One streaming radio.

Apple Music is already off to a rather solid start, as Tim Cook recently announced at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive technology conference that the service currently has 15 million subscribers. While in August, the service had 11 million subscribers, 6.5 million of which are on a paid subscription. And with the service soon expected to debut on Android, we can see these number go much higher posing a serious threat to other popular services including the likes of Spotify.