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Tumblr 5.0 for iOS makes use of iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch and Live Photos

Yahoo-owned popular blogging platform Tumblr has now released a new update for iOS users, which gives them support for Live Photos, 3D Touch and more. The update makes Tumblr the first social network to get support for Live Photos and along with the Force Touch technology in new iPhones.

Notably, the company says that users who don’t have new iPhones will also get support for Live Photos on Tumblr as it supports animated GIFs. While, the new Tumblr update for iOS also allows iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus owners to share Live Photos directly onto the network without the need for any additional tweaks.

To recall, Apple announced the new feature dubbed Live Photos with its new iPhones that allows users to click an image that simultaneously captures sound and video moments right before the final click. Hence, only users with the latest iPhones will be able to see these Live Photos, as for older gen iPhones these Live Photos appear as still images.

Apart from this, the new update also brings the much awaited 3D Touch feature on Tumblr, allowing users to hard press on the app icon that pops up the search option for Tumblr on the Home screen. Moreover, they can use the Peek option to preview posts, while the Pop option opens up the post within the app.

Finally, Tumblr v5.0 for iOS also brings a new feature called Send-a-Post. It appears as a paper plane icon that messages a post to any Tumblr. Also, it is worth pointing out that the Messaging feature on Tumblr earlier wasn’t available to everyone apart from a handful of users. However with the latest update, the feature has now been rolled out to all users. This feature is currently available on iOS and the Web, though will arrive on Android over the next 24 hours, according to Tumblr.

The latest Tumblr app is now available to download/update via the App Store.