Home Business Samsung Electronics to make 14nm chips for Advanced Micro Devices in 2016

Samsung Electronics to make 14nm chips for Advanced Micro Devices in 2016

Samsung Electronics will reportedly start manufacturing new chips for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) next year, according to South Korea’s Electronic Times.

The report adds that Samsung will use the industry’s most advanced 14nm technology to develop new CPU as well GPU chips for AMD in 2016. The move comes as the Korean giant seeks to increase its revenue, given the recent decline in earnings from its smartphone division. Currently, Samsung is manufacturing chips for Apple and NVidia.

Samsung has already showcased the capabilities of 14nm technology in its flagships smartphones, being more powerful and energy efficient at the same time. The chipset architecture offers 20 percent more speed, 35 percent more energy efficiency along with 15 percent area scaling over the conventional 20nm technology.

The company’s earnings have taken a severe toll since the launch of plus-sized iPhones and its rising popularity in China. In 2014, Samsung’s Q3 earnings slumped to $1.54 billion, though it bounced back next year managing to stabilize its smartphone earnings by reaching $2.1 billion.

Meanwhile, AMD recently announced that they have developed the first 14nm FinFET Low Power Plus (LPP) sample in partnership with GlobalFoundries. The two are now working together to release Zen FX CPUs by the end of 2016, while APUs are expected to arrive sometime in 2017.

AMD’s next-gen processors will be solely built on 14nm technology, featuring a unified AM-4 socket along with support for DDR-4 memory. Moreover, it’ll also make use of Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) technology that essentially allows the CPU to process two threads in one go, which makes for about 40 percent increase in Clock throughput.