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Apple Watch 2: Rumors and Wishlist – What we know so far

Despite being Apple’s first wearable device in the market, the Apple Watch was off to a staggering start bagging more than 2.3 million orders in a week after its launch. Market Research firm IDC ranks the Apple Watch second in the wearables market behind Fitbit.

So what lies in store for the next iteration of the Apple Watch 2? The rumor mill appears to be churning out already, and we can be sure Tim Cook is cooking something in some secret lab. In the meantime, we compiled a wish list of sorts as to what we’d like to see in the next watch, along with latest Apple Watch 2 rumors appearing on the web.


A rumor coming out South Korea claimed that Apple won’t divulge away from the rectangular form of the original. While 9To5 Mac earlier reported that the Apple Watch 2 line-up could possibly get new materials such as platinum, titanium, tungsten along with palladium. They would be classified premium variants and expected to cost $1000 plus than the regular version.

Functionality and Features

This is the exciting part, as Apple is expected to churn out several new features and functionality to the Apple Watch 2.

A 9to5 Mac report suggests we could see a camera mounted on the top bezel of the next gen Apple Watch. This would allow users to FaceTime via the wearable, given the fact that Apple has already added the ability to pick up or hang up calls directly using the watch’s controls.

Battery Life

Well, we all know the Apple Watch isn’t quite a workhorse when it comes to battery life. As even with moderate usage it couldn’t survive throughout the day. Hence, many of us would like to see a more robust battery performance in the forthcoming Apple Watch 2.

Initial rumors of the Apple Watch 2 surfaced back in July, suggesting that LG and Samsung are working on thinner OLED displays for the upcoming model, which could fit a larger battery in the same frame as that of the original Apple Watch. Although it seems Apple won’t drastically improve the battery, apart from a minor tweaks by adding features so it can last that an extra mile or two.

Another area where we can see significant functionality enhancement would be its capabilities to work as a standalone device, when not connected to the iPhone. The original Apple Watch is still relied heavily on the iPhone for tasks such as messaging. Though it seems Apple is working on it as the recent watchOS 2 update has made it more of a standalone device.