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Top 5 iOS and Android Games of 2015

Happy New Year Readers! It’s indeed a great time to engage in some awesome games, as one doesn’t really find the time to do it otherwise. To make the most out of first day of 2016, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 games of 2015 for iOS and Android that were released this year. The list includes current favorites along with new editions, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

#1 Geometry Wars 3

The latest twin stick shooter in the franchise, Geometry Wars 3 has been nominated as the best iOS game for 2015. Published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Lucid Games, the game has also been nominated for BAFTA Games Award for the best British game.

Geometry Wars 3 for iOS | Geometry Wars 3 for Android

#2 Altos Adventure

The game can be said to have taken the idea of endless runners to a different level. It’s a rather simple concept, though done to perfection. Instead of running, gamers will be snowboarding with a well laid out control scheme and simple game mechanics. It’s the game’s simplicity with minimalistic but stunning visuals which makes Alto’s Adventure rather special.

Alto Adventure for iOS | Alto Adventure for Android (Comming Soon)

#3 Lara Craft Go

Just like Hitman, Square Enix has tailored Lara Craft’s mobile’s avatar into a turn-based puzzle adventure. It’s a game that can be easily recommended to all who love solving puzzles. It gives a great puzzle solving experience and also packs a stylish package. The graphics are great as it does a rather good job in bringing the essence of the Tomb Raider franchise.

Lara Craft Go for iOS | Lara Craft Go for Android

#4 Prune

In Prune, gamers need to carefully grow and shape their tree while avoiding real world dangers. A bit different from the norm, though truly beautiful in its own right. The game looks awesome with carefully thought out background that can be a great way to relieve your stress. It’s not a game that runs at blistering pace throughout, rather it gives one that Zen-like feel making every moment rather delightful.

Prune for iOS | Prune for Android

#5 Shadowmatic

Here’s another game that captured everyone’s heart when it launched back in January. It involves a series of floating shapes that need to be manipulated or rotated so that their shadows render the recognizable shapes against the wall. An absolute must have for anyone who digs puzzles.

Shadowmatic for iOS

#6 Her Story

As the name suggests, Her Story (Sorry! I couldn’t resist myself to add this) offers a rather unique experience. It offers great interactive storytelling, where you’ll need to closely watch each and every interrogation video and solve a mysterious case. Get your gear on, and be the detective delving into the deep twisted story of a woman. Hands down, Her Story one of the best detective games currently out there.

Her Story for iOS