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Fitbit shines Wall Street and tops US iTunes Store this Christmas

Fitbit has been the top app on the App Store this Christmas, as a number of users have been using the app to set new offerings such as Charge, Charge HR or Surge. The app has now become the No.2 free app on iTunes, and the also the No.1 app in the health and fitness category.

It implies a substantial growth in the number of users buying Fitbit trackers during the Christmas period.

Owing to such success, the company’s stock went up by around 6 percent in the after-hours trading on Monday. According to reports, the app jumped as many as 20 spots to become the top free app on the iTunes Store after Christmas.

Back in August, IDC predicted that despite Apple capturing 20 percent of the market share, Fitbit still remains unscathed at 24.3 percent. Fitbit revealed during its Q3 earnings call for this year that its revenue saw a 168 percent year-over-year increase claiming they still have the bragging rights in the wearable markets dismissing Apple Watch as any kind of a threat.

Fitbit co-founder James Park said that time that the Apple Watch has ‘no material’ impact on its sales. Now that’s a rather bold claim towards the Apple Watch, which bagged more than 2.3 million pre-orders since they went live.

IDC’s report said that Apple managed to ship 3.6 million units in Q2 2015 compared to Fitbit’s 4.4 million units giving the Cupertino giant nearly a 20 percent share of the wearables market.

Nevertheless, Fitbit’s range of fitness trackers has clearly outsmarted Apple’s newly launched smartwatch this year. As the former has managed to sell more than 18 million of its devices in 2015. FitBit’s main offerings this calendar year were Fitbit Surge, Charge and Flex. Apart from standard features such as tracking heart rate, monitoring sleep and counting steps, the FitBit Surge is also equipped with all the smartwatch-like features such as text notification along with a GPS tracker.

Going forward, Park suggested that Fitbit fans can look forward to more technologically advanced sensors such as stress and blood pressure monitoring, along with more tips, insights and partnerships with popular fashion brands.