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UPDATE-1: Microsoft to replace AC power cords sold with Surface Pro, Pro 2, and Pro 3

Microsoft has issued a recall of the power cables that shipped with the earlier Surface Pro devices over fire concerns due to those getting overheated beyond permissible limits.

The recall covers the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 devices. Microsoft is set to formally announce the recall on January 22 along with other relevant details such as how to avail of the replacements.

Microsoft officials though stated the recall covers a very small proportion of Surface Pro users. The official further stated the overheating is caused by the cables left twisted or pinched tightly for considerable periods of time. The replacements will be provided free of cost.

The recall covers all the previous Surface Pro models sold before July 2015 in Europe and March 2013 in the US though the latest Surface Pro 4 does not feature in the recall. The Surface line of hybrids running the now defunct Windows RT and of which there have been two iterations too are exempted from the recall.

However, it isn’t known exactly how big the recall is going to be owing to the lack of definitive sales figures of the Surface Pro devices. Microsoft has never shared how many of the Surface Pro devices it has sold over the years ever since it was launched back in February 2013.

Microsoft has been pushing the Surface Pro line of devices in a desperate bid to keep itself as well as its Windows operating system relevant in the fast changing personal computing segment that has shown a marked shift towards mobility.


With the focus now more on mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets along with diminishing demand for PCs, it has been an uphill task so far for the Richmond-based company as it steers from its core business values that centred around the largely stationary PCs to the new gen mobile devices of today.

Towards that, it has been a partial success so far with the Surface Pro devices having made a solid mark in the business and personal computing segment while still lacking seriously so far as smartphones are concerned. With the company still to come up with a definitive long-term strategy to tackle the flagging sales of its Lumia range of smartphones, it will be left only to the Surface Pro as well as the newly launched Surface Book devices to champion the cause of Windows in the new age.

Update 1: If you bought a Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3 in the above timeframe, we recommend to check if you qualify for a free replacement and begin the exchange process, please visit www.surface.com/powercord.