Home Technology Leaked video shows 4-inch iPhone 5se (2016), likely coming in March

Leaked video shows 4-inch iPhone 5se (2016), likely coming in March

A new video purported to be that of the iPhone 5se / 6c should be proof enough of Apple still harboring ambitions in the ever-burgeoning budget smartphone segment as well. Rumors of the said iPhone version with a smaller 4-inch display has been hitting headlines with alarming regularity off late though the most recent video leak provides the clearest shot we have had of the device so far.

From the looks of it, the new budget iPhone will have a lot to share with the current iPhone 6s except for the smaller dimensions. Among the features that are evident right away include the slim design, rounded edges, and drilled speaker ports along with the Touch ID home button.

A 3.5mm audio jack is also evident as are the thin strips that adorn the rear of the current iPhone flagship.

The presence of a dedicated headphone jack makes for an interesting proposition considering the next-gen iPhone 7 is likely to give the feature a miss. Instead, it could come with wireless headphone tech while supporting Lighting adapter to physically connect with headphones or external speakers.

Build quality will get a boost with the plastic construction of the previous generation budget iPhone devices giving way to a solid metallic design.

So far as the internals are concerned, the iPhone 5se / 6c is expected to come powered with an Apple A8 chipset coupled to a gig of RAM. An 8-megapixel camera too is believed to be included in the scheme of things if the rumor stories swirling around are to be believed. The smaller iPhone should also be NFC ready and compatible with Apple Pay as well to make the device a compelling buy among the masses.

So far as the launch date is concerned, while nothing has been set in stone though a launch around March is likely given a media event that Apple has lined up at the time.

As for the flagship iPhone, Apple is believed to be toying with the idea of making the next iPhone Li-Fi compatible. The technology that stands for Light Fidelity is being touted to be a few generations ahead of the current Wi-Fi tech, offering data transfer speeds about 100 times faster than the latter.

Supporting speeds of up to 224 GB per second, Li-Fi no doubt can make Wi-Fi redundant if implementing the tech on a mass scale indeed becomes possible.

Meanwhile, there are enough to be excited about the new MacBook Pro as well given reports of the device coming equipped with the new Intel’s Skylake chips. This together with the integrated Intel Iris Graphics 550 chips should indeed make for an eye-watering treat for the Retina MacBook Pro if the rumors turn out to be true.