Home Technology GoPro HERO4 cameras now broadcast directly to Periscope

GoPro HERO4 cameras now broadcast directly to Periscope

There is a new found partnership between GoPro and Periscope with the end result being that users will be able to stream videos from their GoPro devices to the Twitter video streaming app directly.

The feature is currently available only on iOS and works with the GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver models. A direct fallout of the integration is that Periscope is able to identify the GoPro once it is connected to the iPhone.

With that done, users have the option to broadcast directly from the GoPro itself.

What is, even more, interesting is that users can toggle between broadcasting from either the inbuilt iPhone camera or the GoPro. This enables users to shoot from two different angles which make the entire process of capturing a video all the more exciting. This way, users can also add more depth to the story or event they are broadcasting.

GoPro has further stated the device will still be saving the video it has shot in the phone’s sd card even when it is broadcasting via Periscope.

Another neat feature of the app is that it offers a means to freeze the iPhone display so that no accidental presses on the phone’s display can upset the recording process. This is especially handy when streaming video directly from the GoPro while also being in the thick of things as well.

The entire development puts the Periscope in a better standing compared to rival Meerkat.

What puts the Merkat streaming app on a slightly more slippery track is the fact that Periscope is entirely Twitter-owned, which means closer integration with the site than perhaps Meerkat can expect.

As of now, the GoPro and Periscope integration requires iOS 8.2 and above. Compatible devices are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The partnership between GoPro and the Twitter-owned Periscope also makes sense given the rather bleak phase that GoPro is making through. Twitter too isn’t exactly in the pink of health and is looking for new means to keep users interested in its services. Both are looking to turn around their fortunes by tapping into the hugely popular business of video streaming though it remains to be seen if things indeed work out along expected lined.

For now, things do look to be quite exciting though.