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Samsung’s Galaxy Upgrade Plan is likely with Galaxy S7 at MWC 2016

Most expect Samsung to announce its latest flagship, the Galaxy S7, at MWC in February. There have been plenty of rumors highlighting that will be the case, and if that is so then Samsung’s new phone would probably become available in March. The Electronic Times has reported Samsung might also be planning to introduce an upgrade plan that would include the S7.

An upgrade plan is one that enables customers to get a new phone model on a contract basis. The contract requires monthly installments for the mobile. It also enables customers to upgrade from earlier phone models. This is ideal for flagship phone series such as the Galaxy S, as those with earlier models in the series can then upgrade to the latest handsets with the plan.

As such, it’s perhaps not surprising that the likes of Apple have already introduced an upgrade plan. The Apple Care Plus is Apple’s upgrade scheme, which provides a good example of how a Samsung’s new plan might be. With that program, you can purchase an iPhone with 24 monthly installments. That also enables customers to upgrade to the latest iPhone model every 12 months. Another advantage of the program is that you can choose a mobile carrier for the phone.

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Apple isn’t the only ones who have introduced monthly installment plans. A variety of mobile networks also has similar monthly installment programs. For example, T-Mobile has its JUMP! On Demand plan with which you can pay monthly for phones such as the Blackberry Priv. With JUMP! On Demand, customers can also trade-in the handsets for alternative models.

So now it seems that Samsung might be taking a leaf out of Apple’s book with a new upgrade plan of its own. That would probably be offered in the company’s native country first before the United States.

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Although Samsung has not confirmed anything, its plan could also include the Elite extended warranty first introduced for the Galaxy S6. That would extend the Galaxy S7’s warranty to a couple of years. In addition, the warranty also covers accidents, water drops, and other mechanical failures.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will likely kick off in late February, and an upgrade scheme could be in place for March (but perhaps not in the United States). That will be a bonus for those who usually upgrade to Samsung’s latest flagship models.