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T-Mobile Binge On includes Amazon Video, Fox News, WWE Network, Univision NOW

The Binge On feature courtesy of T-Mobile may have run into a few controversies, but that has not stopped the average Americans from lapping onto it like anything.

To take the success story even further, T-Mobile has also consolidated its Binge On feature with the addition of several more online video streaming service providers that include Amazon Video, Fox News, WWE Network, and Univision NOW.

The above are in addition to the 40 others that have been already in the fray and include such hallowed names such as HBO, Sling TV, ESPN, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, and Starz, to name just a few.

Launched just last November, Binge On perhaps is the feature that Americans have been waiting for to unlock their fad for watching online video. T-Mobile said their customers are now watching more than double the amount of video than they did before Binge On was launched. To put that in a better perspective, the amount of video streamed so far stands at a staggering 34 petabytes. That’s the equivalent of 34 million gigabytes of video.

T-Mobile stated Binge On is free and applies to Simple Choice customers or those who have subscribed to 3 GB or more of high-speed data. The feature is opt-out which means customers can walk out of it anytime they wish to.

Also, one of the biggest draws of the Binge On feature is that it is free in perhaps the truest sense of the term since any content consumed is not at the cost of existing data that the customer is subscribed to.

Not everyone seems to be impressed, though what with Electronic Frontier Foundation accusing T-Mobile of intentionally throttling all HTML5 data streams to just 1.5Mbs irrespective of whether the phone is able to download at higher speeds or not.

T-Mobile refuted the allegations saying they are not permanently throttling the data nor are they removing customer control.

While the blame game may continue, customers though do not seem to mind as long as they can watch their favorite videos for free.