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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 14257 for PCs, New firmware for Lumia 950, 950 XL

Microsoft has released another new Windows 10 Insider Preview – Build 14257 – to Insiders in the Fast Lane. This marks a modest jump over Build 14251 that we last had, which in turn was a steep climb over the Build 11102 that we have had prior to the last one.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul though said we should start getting used to the fast pace of launching new builds, something that the company had promised earlier. What this also means is that there will be fewer improvements to be seen between builds as against what was evident when Microsoft used to release new Insider Previews once every month.

In any case, here are the bug fixes that have been introduced in the latest Build 14257.

  • The issue of periodic app crashes or other memory related app errors due to a memory management change has been resolved. If you were having issues launching the Git client for Windows, you should now be able to launch it in this build.
  • The Connect button now shows up again in Action Center.
  • F12 Developer Tools will now load correctly Microsoft Edge.
  • We fixed an issue where suggested apps were being shown on the Start menu even though “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” was turned off under Settings > Personalization > Start.
  • We fixed an issue where if you try to change the Lock screen picture with “Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen” turned on it will revert back to the default.
  • We fixed an issue where the positions of desktop icons get jumbled up after switching DPI settings from 100% to 150% or 175%.
  • We also fixed an issue where pasting files into a new .zip file (compressed folder) in File Explorer by either right-clicking or Control-V would not work. You should be able to paste tiles into new .zip files just fine now.
  • As usual, the latest Build also comes with a few known issues which Gabe said are being worked on and will be taken care of in subsequent Builds.

Here are the known issues likely to crops up after installing the latest Build 14257:

  • If you choose “Reset This PC” under Settings > Update & Security > Recovery – your PC will be in an unusable state. There is no workaround if your PC gets into this state and you will need to reinstall Windows. This issue will be fixed in the next build. You can still rollback to the previous build if for some reason this build doesn’t work out for you. This bug also existed in Build 14251 so please avoid resetting your PC on these builds.
  • You might see a WSClient.dll error dialog after logging in. We’re working on a fix for this but as a workaround, you can run the following in Command Prompt with administrative rights: schtasks /delete /TN “\Microsoft\Windows\WS\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” /F. This issue will be fixed in the next build.
  • The front-facing camera is unusable on PCs with Intel RealSense resulting in being unable to use Windows Hello or any other apps that utilize the front-facing camera.
  • After logging in to your PC, you may hit a UI issue in which Airplane Mode will incorrectly show as “on” even though your PC’s Wi-Fi is powered on. This is due to a timing issue between how the UI communicates and waits for the underlying platform to respond. The UI for Airplane Mode essentially does not wait long enough for the device’s physical radios to power on before reporting the current state. You can toggle the Airplane Mode on and off to get Airplane Mode back to showing the correct state.

Gabe rounded off the announcement by revealing the new Ninja Monkey wallpapers that replaces the Ninja Cat in celebration of the Lunar New Year. It is the Year of the Monkey this time round.

In another related development, Microsoft has come up with a new firmware update (01078.00038.16025.390xx) for the flagship Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The update improves general stability, GPS reliability along with call audio quality.

However, the update might not be available for download just yet as it depends on the carrier and region where the device is in operation.