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Nikon releases ViewNX-i version 1.1.0a for Windows

Nikon’s image and video multi-tool software, ViewNX-i, which allows users to view and edit images and videos from their Nikon cameras, released version 1.1.0a. With the newest update, which is available for Windows OS, ViewNX-i includes Picture Control Utility 2 installed with the software and adds an Edit workspace and Adjustment palette for retouching. It also fixes minor issues, such as an installation bug and a focus point inaccuracy with the Nikon D750.

The Picture Control Utility is a feature that manages image controls, such as contrast and brightness. The application can adjust those picture controls while previewing the effects on the sample image that the user chooses. Installing the utility with ViewNX-i provides more options with editing and adjusting images in the software. ViewNX-i now includes Windows 10 support that will bring the software to latest Windows OS available.

The problems resolved in the newest version of ViewNX include an issue causing the application to fail installation with the message, “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.” The update also fixes a problem that caused the Show Focus Point option to display the focus point in a completely different area than what was shown in the Nikon D750 viewfinder focus point display.

Compatible with most Nikon digital cameras, Nikon’s ViewNX-i includes the ability to edit images through Capture NX-D and edit video using ViewNX-Movie Editor. It can switch between workspaces using tabs and the Output Bar and organize files using Photo Tray. The software provides the user with the ability to create multimedia slideshows using stills, video, music and titles. The application can also track travels by a user with a GPS-enabled camera, which can then be used in multimedia projects. Files from the ViewNX-i can be shared with Nikon Image Space and several other web services.

Output Bar provides instant access to image editing while Photo Tray can be used to temporarily store files from multiple folders and edit different images shot over time. The user can also personalize their workspace with different display options.

As a companion to ViewNX-i, Nikon’s ViewNX-Movie Editor can edit video footage from a Nikon camera, with the ability to overlay text and add still images to create a multimedia project. The NX-D is Nikon’s own RAW processing tool used with RAW image files from Nikon digital cameras.

The Nikon ViewNX-i 1.1.0a update was released on February 10, 2016. Alongside this update, Nikon also released the 1.15.090a update for both ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D, which will install the latest versions of both applications. These updates create a more accessible editing experience for dedicated Nikon digital camera users. Visit Nikon to download the updates.

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