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Techart reveals PRO Autofocus adapter for manual focus lenses

Techart-Guangzhou, China based company- announced the Techart PRO AF (autofocus) adapter on February 11, 2016, which is the first autofocus adapter for manual focus lenses. This adapter autofocuses lenses that do not have autofocus built in.

The Techart PRO Autofocus adapter mounts Leica M lenses to Sony E-mount cameras, primarily the a7 II and the a7R II. The adapter, once connected, uses the focus mechanics in the a7 II and a7R II to reach the sharpest focus by utilizing the electronic contacts and phase-detection systems in the Sony cameras.

Through Z-shift technology, the Techart Pro AF adapter uses the bayonet in the Leica M lenses to extend and retract, moving the lens closer and farther from the sensor plane. The adapter can move the bayonet distance forward to the maximum of 4.5mm. The motor in the adapter was created to also mimic the speed of a native AF lens with very precise stopping abilities.

The Techart PRO Autofocus adapter measures 80mm x 20mm and weighs 133g (4.7oz), supporting lenses that weigh up to 700g (1.54lb). It is very compact and hardly noticeable when attached between the lens and the Sony camera.

The adapter can support add-on adapters that connect lenses from other mounts, such as Leica R, CY, PK, and MD. It also supports both single (AF-S) and continuous (AF-C) autofocus for focusing in on and shooting both still and moving objects.

The Techart PRO autofocus adapter can be paired with the mobile app, which will save lens data and receive firmware updates. Altogether, the adapter can save 10 sets of lens data, such as focal lengths and aperture. The camera body can then adjust based on those values using 5-axis stabilization.

The Techart PRO AF adapter can be preordered from the Techart website and will begin shipping in March 2016 with the suggested retail price of $349 and 1-year warranty. Additional mount adapter can also be purchased through the Techart website.