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Apple being sued over Error 53 iPhone 6s Bricking Issue

A Seattle-based law firm has stated it is exploring legal options including a class action lawsuit against Apple over the controversial Error 53 iPhone 6s or 6s Plus Bricking Issue.

Error 53 is the error code that gets displayed when an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is found to have been repaired from unauthorised sources. The particular error code essentially means an end of life for the iPhone and has left many owners infuriated.

Apple on its part has argued that Error 53 is a vital security feature that ensures the iPhone’s secure enclave that holds the biometric data and other financial information that the user entrusts the iPhone with is provided utmost security.

As a means to make the security enclave impregnable, the Touch ID sensor is closely matched to the particular iPhone 6s and cannot be swapped with a Touch ID from any other iPhone 6s and vice-versa.

Other parts that too are known to have an impact on the Touch ID and hence can invoke the dreaded Error 53 post third-party servicing include the touch screen, flex cable and the Home button.

However, the error crops up only after the user attempts to upgrade their iPhone to an updated version of the iOS or after restoring from a previous backup following a third party repair.

The Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala (PCVA) attorney Darrel Cochran has found offence with claiming an iPhone working fine even after repaired from unauthorised sources nullifies Apple’s argument of the error being a security measure as the particular iPhone continued to operate even after an unauthorised repair job, thereby exposing the user to great financial risks.

Another aspect that too is being actively considered for inclusion in the lawsuit includes the high cost of repairs in Apple service centers or those authorised by Apple. Attorney Cochran argued that Apple, in a way is forcing its customers to pay higher to avail of its services. Lawyers also claim Error 53 amounts to Apple’s intentional destruction of someone else’s property.

Apple is yet to respond to reports of legal measures being considered against it and has only offered the justification of Error 53 so far.

However, some sources have also claimed that Apple has asked several of its service centers to replace Touch ID sensors or screen and other components of the affected iPhones to render those usable again.

However, it’s not yet clear if this replacement policy is the official Apple response to the controversy or is just a stop gap measure.