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10 Best Android online storage apps

Looking at the current trend of smartphones, many manufacturers are dumping microSD slot. Also, the chance of losing microSD cards or smartphone are high due to theft or robbery. In such scenarios, the main question arises is how to save your data. Cloud, or online, storage is an excellent alternative for saving data to. Most importantly, it can be accessed from many gadgets, thus giving freedom of not carrying any physical device. There are now a variety of cloud apps that will give you a good amount of storage space. Here is the list of more notable online storage apps available for the Android platform


Dropbox is one of the original cloud apps that has an extensive user base. This is an app that gives you two GB of free storage. However, you can also upgrade that to one TB for $9.99 a month. If more space is still needed, unlimited storage is available at $15 a month. Another advantage of this app is that it has MS Office support so that you can edit those files.


OneDrive is a good choice for many because of its integration with Microsoft software such as OneNote. Like the others, it will give you some free storage amounting to five GB. A 200 GB upgrade option is available at just $3.99. Another great thing about OneDrive is that one TB storage is bundled with the Office 365 subscription. Aside from being available for Android, you can also add this app to the iOS and Windows platforms.

Google Photos

This is a cloud storage app specifically for photos, which can take up lots more space than other documents. The app gives you unlimited storage for photographs but note the original file size takes up some Google Drive space. Aside from its storage, this app also includes editing and collage options for images.

Amazon Cloud Drive

We have Amazon Cloud Drive that has some big advantages for Amazon Prime users. Those with AP will get a free 5 GB storage and unlimited space for photos and video backups. The also app has an unlimited storage available at $60 a year. Those without Amazon Prime will probably find some of the other cloud apps here better alternatives, but you can still get the five GB storage and photo backup at $12 a year.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another of the foremost cloud apps. This is an app that combines cloud storage with productivity options. Aside from giving you 15 GB of free storage, you can also edit the spreadsheet, presentations and other documents with the app’s collaborators.


Mega offers better value than most of the other alternatives here. This is a cloud app that will give you 50 GB free storage, which is somewhat better than most of the others. Of course, you can always upgrade that to four TB with a range of paid options.

This app is also available for the iOS as well as Android.


Cubby is similar to Google Drive and Dropbox in that it has both free and paid storage options. With Cubby, you can get five GB of free cloud storage, and its paid options can give you up to a whopping 200 TB. Overall, it has a variety of flexible storage options.


Another good cloud app to add to Android is Copy. With this app, you get a free 15 GB, which is better than most of the others. Its paid options are reasonable too, and will give you up to one TB for $9.99 a month. It includes Chromecast support so that you can stream content from Chromecast devices. The app’s PhotoCopy will also quickly back up photos taken with your device.

Note: Copy service will be discontinued on May 1, 2016. Please move your data to a local hard drive or another cloud storage solution.

Yandex Disk

A lesser known cloud app than some of the others perhaps, but Yandex Disk is certainly one to note. This gives you a free 10 GB to start with and has some flexible options to expand that storage with. You can get more free space by inviting others to Yandex, and each effective invite gives you an extra 0.5 GB storage up to 20 GB. On top of that, you can get an extra 10 GB of storage for just $10 each year. At most, up to one TB storage is available with Yandex.


Finally, Box is another highly rated cloud app for Android. You’ll get a free 10 GB storage with this one. Another bonus of Box is its integration with Microsoft Office apps. Box has some useful real-time search options, and the app also enables users to preview and print more than 100 file types.

Plus this app is also available for the iOS.
Those are 10 of the best cloud storage apps available for Android and a few other platforms as well.

With them, you can get loads of storage and a lot of other handy options for backups, editing, etc.

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