Home Technology Samsung Electronics unveils 256GB Universal Flash Storage chips for Smartphones

Samsung Electronics unveils 256GB Universal Flash Storage chips for Smartphones

Smartphones and their seemingly never-ending quest for just enough of storage space might be heading towards a brief lull now that Samsung has perfected the idea of 256 GB Universal Flash Storage enabled memory.

That no doubt makes a significant jump over the 128 GB of storage that most high-end smartphones maxes out at for their top-end models. Thereafter, another 128 to 200 GB can be added via microSD cards. All of this could change soon with the smartphone itself set to feature 256 GB of internal memory.

However, it’s not known how soon we can come across a mobile device with that much of space onboard. Samsung’s own Galaxy S7 range offers 32 and 64 GB of storage with additional storage to be added using microSD cards. Rumor mills though are predicting the new iPhone 7 might have a new top-end variant featuring the new 256 GB memory chip. However, it’s yet to be confirmed via any official sources and is to be ingested with a generous dose of salt.

Also, added storage space isn’t the only advantage that the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) enabled NAND chips to boast of. Instead, the new storage technology is also about the enhanced speed of operations, which in turn will lead to significantly better performing devices.

Samsung has stated its new 256 GB chips are capable of 850MB/s sequential read which even better the performance of standard SSD memory. However, the write speed of 260MB/s is on the slower side compared to some of the advanced SSDs currently available.

To explain the performance enhancement that the new memory can bring about, it can allow the user to run a 4K movie on one-half of the smartphone display while getting along with some other task on the other half of the display. This is PC like stuff but can be pulled off in a form factor as small as a smartphone thanks to the new memory.

The new memory should also be able to transfer a Full HD movie too and from the mobile via USB 3.0 in just about 12 seconds. Also, with that much of space, one will also be able to store about 47 Full HD movies on their mobiles, something that’s unthinkable right now.