Home News New MacBook models with OLED display set for launch around end 2024

New MacBook models with OLED display set for launch around end 2024

The first MacBook featuring an OLED display is finally set to be a reality sometime in the not-too-distant future with reputed Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo claiming such an Apple laptop could be ready for launch by the end of 2024. Kuo further added the adoption of OLED panels will lead to the development of new MacBook models that would be thinner and lighter than the present crop of MacBook devices.

This makes for a significant departure from the present MacBook generation that is based on LCD technology. The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro offer ProMotion and mini-LED backlight technology that offer better contrast and color reproduction compared to LCD.

However, with OLED display tech, the new generation of MacBook devices will have even better contrast and more vivid colors that can take viewing pleasure to an entirely new level altogether.

With OLED panels having their own light emitting pixels, these typically do not require backlighting to illuminate the display. This allows the display to have a thinner design while enhancing the contrast ratio and brightness levels. Another inherent advantage of the OLED display tech is that they are more power efficient compared to LCD and hence can make the upcoming generation of MacBook devices have longer lasting batteries.

However, it still isn’t known whether the OLED panels will make it to both the Pro and Air models of the MacBook, or it will be exclusive to the higher-rated Pro models only. That said, there have been rumors off late about Apple being in the process of developing a new 13-inch MacBook Air model featuring an OLED panel that would be ready for launch around end-2024. As it is, there have also been rumors about Apple working on new 11.1-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models having OLED panels.

Such iPad devices are also expected to be ready for launch by next year.

Interestingly, while the upcoming iPad and MacBook range are getting into OLED, it is the opposite that seems to be true for the Apple Watch.

According to rumors currently doing the rounds of the tech world, a new Apple Watch Ultra model is in the works and will come with a microLED display. The said Apple Watch model could be ready for launch towards the end of next year.