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Budblockz (BLUNT) outperforms Aptos with 190% returns. Can it 10x?

Analyzing its real-world functionalities and use cases is one of the critical indicators of making a successful investment in potentially lucrative and game-changing crypto and NFT projects. A great crypto is more than just a digital store of value that you can swap for other digital assets or sell to make a profit. They provide users with real solutions and features that consistently boost the value of their native currency on a year-to-year basis.

And there is no question that BudBlockz is one such crypto company that’s making significantly big waves in the blockchain stratosphere. With an excellent roadmap for success, increasing demand, growing popularity, and significant use cases, BudBlockz has the potential to surpass even some of the best and most well-known names in the world of cryptocurrency, such as Aptos.

In light of this, we’re going to talk about why Aptos is experiencing a decline in value and how BudBlockz is continuing its streak of growth and success, making it a robust investment in 2023.

Why Aptos Has Considerably Fallen Behind in the Crypto Race

Aptos was launched as a PoS (proof-of-stake) web3 protocol to offer solutions to make the blockchain ecosystem more interoperable and decentralized. The project excels in being a layer-1 blockchain.

The company was started by more than 200 developers who were also behind developing another blockchain application known as Diem.

The core objective of APT is to transcend well-established and popular competitors such as Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum. The project positioned itself as a blockchain utility that will help make the crypto environment more scalable, secure, and trustless for regular users and developers. According to Aptos, the platform can perform more than 130,000 blockchain transactions every second without compromising on security and reliability.

Unfortunately, investors later discovered that the company couldn’t perform such a staggering number of blockchain transactions, misleading users. According to investors, it was determined that Aptos could only process up to 4 transactions every second. This was one of the main reasons why traders withdrew from the project.

BudBlockz Soaring on New Heights in Terms of Popularity and Investment Potential

It is astounding how far BudBlockz has come since being launched just a few months ago. Being the world’s first cannabis crypto, the company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and investors are growing even more excited with anticipation. BudBlockz has the potential to become one of the top 10 new cryptos in 2023.

BudBlockz is a revolutionary peer-2-peer, a decentralized finance e-commerce marketplace that brings CBD industries and users together on a single, community-driven platform. It is a platform at the forefront of allowing legal marijuana companies to find their respective customers in a more secure and seamless blockchain environment.

BudBlockz is making it possible for CBD companies and users to engage in limitless, 24/7 transactions on its platform, giving worldwide access to some of the best companies worldwide. On top of that, they’re also quite popular because of their NFT collection. The company launched its Ganja Guruz NFTs on Rarible and OpenSea recently.

One of the best highlights of Ganja Guruz is the fact that BudBlockz NFT holders will have a unique opportunity to become fractional owners in several CBF businesses listed on the platform. You will have the chance to earn monthly dividends along with gaining unparalleled access to niche marijuana markets and products.