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Charting the rise and fall of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster ride of volatility in price movement since its inception in 2009. The past few months have been a particularly tough time for crypto investors as they’ve watched the price of their digital assets plummet further. While investors who stayed on since inception may have reaped incredible gains, many shorter-term investors have learnt hard lessons from the latest crypto crash.

Bitcoin prices were down by 75% by the end of 2022 since its all-time high in November 2021. While this is not the first time that crypto markets have seen notable swings, the latest crash has meant continual losses for many investors.

Using ‘My Bitcoin Holiday’ you can plan a holiday using the budget of one bitcoin over various different time periods to help grasp the reality of what these crypto market swings really mean.

If you were planning a holiday with the value of 1 BTC when Bitcoin prices were at an all-time high in November 2021, you’ld be able to afford 3 nights at the Four Seasons, 2 nights at the Crosby Street Hotel, a table for 5 at Caviar Russe, a luxury car hire and a NYC helicopter tour! Nowadays, you’d be looking at an oceanfront suite in the Bahamas, but this pales in comparison to the kind of holiday you could buy just over a year ago.

But there’s not too much to be disappointed about when you take a step back and look at the volatility over the past decade. If we were to take ourselves back to 2021 when Bitcoin sat at a value of just $4, you’d barely be able to afford a visit to one restaurant.

The currency has just climbed over $18,000 for the first time since December, yielding short-term gains for recent investors. While some market players predict another volatile year, many investors are giving up trying to predict the price of bitcoin. To put it simply, Bitcoin has been on a hell of a journey over the last decade, and it’s likely that the story isn’t over just yet.