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Eight places where you shouldn’t keep your phone

Imagine having to live without your phone, even if it is for a small duration? That might seem like a punishment meted out to oneself as we have become all too accustomed to having it with us at all times. So, while we loathe to keep it away from us, there are a few places where you just can’t keep your smartphone without harming it.

Here is a list of eight such places where you shouldn’t keep your phone.

Back pocket

Your back pocket is never a safe place to keep your phone even though it is a convenient thing to do. Not only do you risk dropping the phone when inserting it in your back pockets, but it also is far easier for pickpockets to steal the same. That is not all as you might even end up sitting right on your smartphone if that’s kept in your back pocket, which might leave the phone with some severe bruises.

On the window sill

The prime reason you are being discouraged to keep your phone on the window sill is that it might lead to exposure to the sun in the process. And nothing is perhaps more damaging for the phone than heat as it can seriously impact the normal functioning of the phone but can cause irrevocable damage to the battery as well.

On the beach towel

The sun, sand, and the sea might be the perfect recipe to lift your spirits, but you’d better keep your smartphone out of the scheme. For your phone will be better off of all three.

While the heat can be damaging for your phone, the fine sands, if it makes its way to the phone’s interiors, might cause some serious damage. Te sea also poses the same risk for your phone.

On your pocket

While the scientific community might be divided on whether the electromagnetic radiation from your phone is damaging for us, it still is better not to carry it in our pockets. For that puts it directly in the vicinity of our heart, something that you’d better avoid.

Ladies who tend to tuck their phone in their bra should also avoid the same as they carry the additional risk of having breast cancer.

In the washroom

Apart from picking up bacteria or other such organisms, the moisture can cause damage to your phone, more so if it is not rated for water resistance. In fact, there have also been instances of people getting electrocuted after accidentally dropping their phone in the tab while still being charged. These apart, damage due to exposure to liquid or heavy moisture might also void your warranty as well.

Under the pillow

You should also refrain from keeping your phone under the pillow, particularly when the phone is connected to the mains. Charging makes the phone to become hot, and having it placed under the pillow will prevent the heat from escaping outside, which might even lead the battery to explode under extreme conditions. Moreover, using the phone at night is also discouraged as exposure to blue light can hamper your sleep pattern.

Out in the cold

Extreme cold can be as damaging to your phone as high temperatures. So, it is too cold outside, keeps your phone in your bag, or where there are layers of insulation to save from cold exposure. In fact, any extreme variation of temperature can damage your phone.

Dusty shelves

Dust can be damaging for your phone as those often find their way into the most remote crevice on the inside of your phone. This, in turn, can impact your phone’s performance adversely over the years. So its best to keep your phone away from dusty environments.