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Google working on Voice-controlled “personal assistant device” to beat Amazon Echo

Google might be the proud owners of Nest at the moment though it’s not helping the search giant when it comes to developing what is being referred to as the competitor to the Amazon Echo.

There are enough reasons for Google to attempt such a venture in the first place. While the smart home segment is expected to be the next big thing to hit the tech landscape, competitor Amazon already has established an early lead here with its Echo range of smart devices.

What might have resulted in urgency on the part of Google is that the Echo is also doing extremely well at the moment even though Amazon isn’t trumpeting its success all around.

However, while all of above might have prompted Google to get into the act itself, what is intriguing is the manner they have got along in executing the project. For according to TheInformation, Google is drawing upon its own resources to put together its Echo competitor, even resisting Nest’s insistence on being included in the project.

Whether the right way to interpret Google’s behaviour is a loss in confidence in Nest or the search aspect of the project being too crucial for it to be left in the hands of others is not known at the moment. What is evident though is that the relations between the two entities seem to be a bit strained.

Either way, Nest too has often been found wanting when it comes to developing a viable product range. For instance, projects like the Flintstone – a security system hub based on the ‘Pinna’ sensors- are still a work in progress thing. The company’s Project Goose, which allows for temperature adjustments to its thermostat based on location too, isn’t ready yet.

The blame is often pinned on their inability to freeze the design aspect of its products in time or the organizational changes Nest finds itself in following the acquisition of Dropcam. In the end, the fact is Nest does not have the technology ready on time most of the time.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Google handles its ad-focussed search strategy as search itself diversifies into new segments and devices.

As for the Amazon Echo, the range right now comprises of a smart home hub and a portable speaker along with the two new addition – Echo Dot and Amazon Tap – all of which draws its strength from the Alexa smart virtual assistant.

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