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HP Spectre 13.3 challenges Apple’s MacBook with its design, performance and thickness

HP has announced its new Spectre 13.3 as the world’s thinnest laptop, measuring just 10.4mm at its thickest part. Of course, that isn’t its only claim to fame as the new Spectre 13.3 also has a lot of oomph to boast of, thanks to its Core i5 and Core i7 heart.

However, before getting to the bare specs, the design aspect of the new HP laptop warrants a closer inspection. The ridiculously thin profile has been achieved thanks to the innovative use of materials like carbon fiber and metal for the basic construction. Also, thanks to carbon fiber bit, the laptop also weighs a measly 2.45 pounds, making the device quite easy on the arms.

HP has also made use of a unique hidden piston-style hinge that creates the illusion of the 13.3-inch display to almost float over the keyboard. Careful thought has also gone into the choice of color which, at Ash Silver, does make for a stunning visual treat. Overall, the new Spectre is a sight to behold, to say the least.

The World’s Thinnest Laptop – HP Spectre

Coming to the specifications, the new Spectre 13.3 draws upon the technical finesse of the Core i5 and Core i7 family to allow for superior performance credentials. Add to it up to 8GB RAM along with a lightning fast PCIe SSD with storage up to 512GB, which make the new HP laptop a true beast in sheep’s clothing. Then, there also are three USB Type-C ports as well with two of them supporting Thunderbolt.


Coming to the display, it is a non-touch affair here which is a concession HP had to make to keep things thin enough. The latter bit also owes it to the optical bonding manufacturing process which ensured the panels to be extremely thin. That said, the display that also boasts of Gorilla Glass protection allows for a vivid and bright display in spite of it being of just 1080p resolution.

HP is also claiming a battery life of over 9 hours thanks to the clever use of available space to pack in the four-cell battery after those have been split into smaller pieces.

Pre-order starts April 25 with prices starting at $1,169.99 on HP.com and BestBuy.com.

HP also stated several units of the Spectre 13.3 laptop finished with exquisitely crafted gold and diamonds will also be auctioned off at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival with the proceeds donated to the Nelson Mandela Fund.