Home Business Apple to boost iPhone sales on upcoming Mother’s Day through emotional ad

Apple to boost iPhone sales on upcoming Mother’s Day through emotional ad

Apple is extending its ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign with the focus, this time, being on Mother’s Day. Spanning 30-secs, the ad comprises of a series of still images and videos all based on the same topic – that of mothers and children. Needless to say, the underlying theme here is to highlight the camera capabilities of the iPhone 6s.

The latest generation of Apple iPhones, which includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S as well as the more recent iPhone SE features 12-megapixel iSight cameras capable of shooting 4k quality videos.

Apple has also been pretty much consistent so far as the imaging capabilities of the successive generation of iPhone devices are concerned though shooting at the highest resolution can again be draining on the battery. While that’s a different story, there is no denying the latest crop of iPhone delivers good quality shots. But so does many of its competitors such as the S7 or S7 Edge.


Meanwhile, the latest round of ads is also being seen as a strategic move on the part of Apple to exploit on the emotional aspect related to a subject that is as sensitive as a mother and the special bond she shares with her child. Apple has witnessed it first quarter of iPhone sales decline in 13 years. If that isn’t hurting enough, Samsung reported as impressive Q1, 2016 performance riding on the strong response generated by its latest S7 and S7 Edge devices.

While the South Korean company didn’t divulge the exact sales figures of its latest flagship range, Word on the tech street is that it is barely able to make enough S7 Edge to meet existing demand.

Apple had earlier reported it has sold 51 million iPhone devices during the first quarter of 2016, which is down from the 61.2 million iPhones sold during the same period a year ago. Also, with the new iPhone SE having being launched towards the fag end of the quarter – unveiled on March 21 followed by public availability on March 31 – its effect on the iPhone sales, if any, will be too minuscule during the first quarter.

Apple is due to launch the new iPhone 7 towards fall of this year. However, rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone too will be devoid of any standout features, except perhaps a new dual lens camera. Which means Apple might well be looking at a bleak 2016 unless it comes up with something really interesting with its iPhone range.