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Facebook unveils new Instagram logo, interiors stripped of all colors

Winds of change have hit Instagram so that the popular image and video sharing social app now has a whole new look and feel to it, both inside and out.

Changes become evident with the app itself as gone is the iconic light-brown colored camera that has been the most visible face of Instagram for over five years now. In its place is a riot of colors – pink to purple to yellow to orange along with a splash of rainbow as well that goes into the making of the new Instagram logo.

However, as Instagram’s Head of Design, Ian Spalter stated, the old camera with its viewfinder and lens continue to feature in the new app as white outlines.

Interestingly, while the Instagram new logo itself is all about a colorful makeover, the inside of the app is defined by just two colors – black and white. Both replaces the blue and white combo that used to be the familiar face of Instagram pages so far.

Spalter justified the change claiming the app being all about sharing images and videos, it is these that should be adding to the color quotient of the app and not the app’s own colors.

“We believe the colour should come directly from the community’s photos and videos,” said Mr Spalter.

“We stripped the colour and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take centre stage.”

Not everyone is impressed though with some claiming the new design makeover to be utterly bland. In fact, there already is a clamour to revert things back to what it has been over the years.

Facebook though has stated it only the colors that has been tinkered with. That apart, everything else remains just the same. Every button or control is at the same exact spot as it has been though users still need to get used to the lack of colors which otherwise has been providing some color contrast.

There has also been user’s backlash after Facebook opted for introducing a new feed algorithm that many said interferes with the very basic ethos of Instagram, that of live sharing of images and videos.

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