Home Technology Google launches Gboard keyboard app for iOS with integrated Google search

Google launches Gboard keyboard app for iOS with integrated Google search

The Google Keyboard app for iOS that we knew has been in the making for some time now is finally ready for prime time action. Also, as is known by now, one of the biggest USP of Gboard – as the app is named – is the integrated Google search feature that it offers.

Further, the advantages of having Google search built right into the keyboard app is all too obvious as it negates the need to exit the app each time one has to search for something. Instead, all search can be performed from right within the app itself by clicking on the Google icon placed at the top left corner.

The search results are depicted in a convenient card format with the most important or relevant piece of information pasted right in the middle of it. User’s, if needed have the option to paste the URL or the information within the text field of the messaging app just by tapping on the relevant card.

For the same, users otherwise would have to exit the messaging app, perform the search operations, specifically select and copy the information they need and head back to the app they were in and paste it. Gboard saves the user from having to do all of that, allowing them to instead concentrate on just the search part only.

That is not all as users have the option to search for GIF and emoji as well. These apart, the app is as good as any out there with its predictive typing and swiping features.

The Gboard app is also compliant with any iOS app that requires the user to input text, which includes iMessage, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, email and such.

The app is however only available in the US as of now, though, as Gboard project lead Rajan Patel said, this is just temporary as Gboard will soon make it to other regions and with more language support.

Google also has other reasons for making available a keyboard app integrated with one of its best products – the search feature. With the new app, Google will be able to tap into the 100 million plus iPhone users and track their searches, which in turn will provide the search giant with just the information they need to serve targeted ads. While the app is and will continue to be free, Google will still be making millions tapping into a huge chunk of mobile users with relevant ads.

As such, the Gboard is fast, efficient, and makes a lot of sense compared to the stock iOS keyboard or any other available though users shouldn’t mind sharing a bit of their online activities with Google in return.